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  1. Andrzey

    Andrzey Active Member

    The update DI18 apparently fixed the phone mic not working when the audio jack was plugged in.

    This is a bad thing as now the phone calls in the car have a really bad echo to the caller making it impossible to take a call in the car. This is because the audio comes through the cars speakers. (before I was using a cable with a built in mic, which was far better than this situation but not perfect)

    So I went and bought a bluetooth headset this weekend thinking this would solve the issue, WRONG!
    While the audio jack is plugged in, it overrides the bluetooth making the headset useless in this situation, strange because it can actually accept the call by pressing the button, but that is as far as it goes.

    I am looking for anyone who has successfully solved this major design/bug issue.

    One of two things could solve this simple issue.
    1 - Go back to having the phone mic disabled when the audio jack is plugged in.
    2 - Bluetooth overrides phone calls when the audio jack is plugged in.

    Do the developers actually think real world situations before they code?
    I love Android over Apple, with a passion, but this is not an issue on the IPhone.
    It has to be said whatever you think, Apple do think about ease of
    use and put out polished products for the most part, yes they have flaws...more than Samsung/Google?

    This is not bashing I just want this solved without having to shell out more cash. (and yes I would buy an IPhone if sprint offered it :eek:)


  2. alex94z

    alex94z Active Member

  3. dawankler

    dawankler Well-Known Member

    I would love an answer, too. When I'm in the car the phone is plugged in power and audio out to my car stereo. Every time I get a call I have to unplug everything and take the call which is a giant PITA. Even after the update the phone is unusable when plugged into a stereo.

    The only solution I can think of if they don't fix the software somehow is to break down and get a bluetooth enabled head unit for my car and stream all audio through that, which is very tempting anyways.
  4. alex94z

    alex94z Active Member

  5. taylormah

    taylormah Well-Known Member

    Dont have my Epic yet, but I thought there was a button for sending calls to bluetooth headset on call screen. Wouldn't pressing that button send the calls to BT headset?
  6. Andrzey

    Andrzey Active Member

    Maybe someone should contact Samsung and remind them that this is really a saftey issue. (this usually gets a fix quick smart)

    How can they now seriously expect me unplug the audio jack, while I am texting, rolling a cigarette and reading the paper, all at speeds close to the posted interstate speed limits? :D
  7. Othan1

    Othan1 Well-Known Member

    That's the problem right there; you need to be going at LEAST 20 mph over the speed limit to do it properly.
  8. alex94z

    alex94z Active Member

    So i installed vlingo and tried to use it in the car (which is its intended use) while the phone is paired for bluetooth calls. Guess what, voice commands don't work because the phones mic is disabled while paired for bluetooth calls. Jeezus. :(

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