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  1. fuf

    fuf New Member

    Welcome Everyone!
    I have SE Xperia X10 for about a week and i have already encountered a problem with my wi-fi and bluetooth modules. They just won't turn on: error message "Unable to start wi-fi" appears all the time i try to turn it on. Simillar thing with bluetooth but there's actually even no error message, bluetooth is just "Turning on..." and it never does:)

    I run on stock software with no possibility to update (probably no updates for my region; only option is manual update with software from other region, but the modules still don't work). I have to add that both wi-fi and bluetooth work several minutes after reset or after fixing it with Update Service. Then after few turning on and off procedures i cannot use it anymore. When i look in Settings>>About Phone>>Status there is something like that: Wi-Fi MAC adress Unavailable, Bluetooth adress Unavailable. The adresses are available for several minutes after reset, then it changes status to Unavailable and i can't turn them on again:(

    I searched forums and found no information on possible solution for Xperia.
    On one forum i was given an advice to bring phone to my operator service, and it can be problem with internal drivers. But before i'll do that i want to ask you guys if there is other solution? I don't want to wait a month or two before they fix it or give me a new phone.

    Phone is of course new and on the guarantee.

    I really appreciate any help.

  2. Dunc-x10

    Dunc-x10 Well-Known Member

    You dont say were your from but if it was me I'd be bangging on the door of my service provider.
  3. powerkiter

    powerkiter Well-Known Member

    Well if the phone is new why would you be waiting months to get it back?

    If it's new then just go back to the shop and demand a replacement! Simple and no twatting about they sold you a faulty phone so it's up to them to replace it with a working one, well thats how it works in the UK.
  4. fuf

    fuf New Member

    Thanks for replies! I'm from Poland. I hoped that this is software problem which can be repaired in home. But if You say i should demand a replacement then i will do that:) I'll probably have to wait some time. Here it isn't that simple. They will not give me new phone without complaiments i think, but it looks like it's the only way.
  5. powerkiter

    powerkiter Well-Known Member

    Just read a thread on here a few down from this one and apparently there is a bug which causes the issues you have and Sony Ericsson know about them so just ask for a replacement phone :)
  6. fuf

    fuf New Member

    Thank you very much for help! :)
  7. huntleth

    huntleth Well-Known Member

    Yeah i've not heard of the Bluetooth one but there are some issues with wifi.

    I walked into my phone shop the other day with my X10 and said its broken and they gave me a new one without even looking at it, or looking at my debit card or anything! As you say though, Poland may be more difficult :mad:

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