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Bluetooth annoyance after ICSSupport

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  1. saranicole

    saranicole Member

    I looked around, but I'm having trouble finding a solution for my issue. I recently upgraded to ICS and my bluetooth, when connected to my car, suddenly works differently.

    I used to get into my car ('12 VW Eos) and as soon as my phone connected, Rhapsody would open quietly in the background automatically. Whenever I was ready to listen, I would press the BT button on the VW screen and Rhapsody would start playing. I could completely control everything in the player without ever taking the phone out of my pocket.

    After ICS, Rhapsody no longer opens automatically. When I press the BT button on the VW screen, nothing plays. I have to get my phone and open the app from there. I then must also press Play on my phone as my VW controls do not work until I have pressed play on the phone - just opening the app is not enough. Once I have pressed play on the phone, I can control the player from the car's controls.

    This is super-annoying and kind of dangerous as I have to do this while driving. If I forget to get my phone out before I start driving, it's barely worth the effort to dig it out at that point. And if it's a short trip, it seems pointless.

    I looked for a way to set a default for the app to always open on bluetooth, but with no luck. Anyone have any ideas?

  2. wolfyboy359

    wolfyboy359 Well-Known Member

    I am going out on a limb here but I would guess it just is a compatibility issue with ics and the app. You may get that functionality back with a future update.
  3. saranicole

    saranicole Member

    I was afraid of that... hopefully it's fixed soon.

    Thank you.

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