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  1. maninfrontofpc

    maninfrontofpc New Member

    I am new to Android, and am trying to stream audio from my Phone to my Toyota Prius. I have successfully got the pairing and see the BT connected symbol on the status bar. The Phone switches off the speaker. The phone responds correctly to Track + and Track - commands from the car system. But I get no audio at all - Yes the volume is up on both car and phone audio.

    I have successfully streamed audio from by old Sony Ericsson - this just pairs up and plays.

    Any ideas? Is A2DP the only Audio streaming protocol? or could it be that my car and my old phone supported one protocol and the HTC Desire supports another? Does the fact that it pairs mean the car does support A2DP? Is the phone just faulty?

  2. maninfrontofpc

    maninfrontofpc New Member

    Problem solved - loaded latest HTC System update 1.45.401.4 and now it pairs/connects and plays with sound as expected.

    Supplementary question: Does anyone know where I can see the release notes for this update to see if I can determine whether it should have fixed the problem?

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