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Bluetooth Audio Volume almost silent!!Support (Browse All)

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  1. JasonT1124

    JasonT1124 New Member This Topic's Starter

    Oct 27, 2010
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    I have searched and found a million threads on low bluetooth volume, but it seems like most people can hear their bluetooth devices, they are simply just not happy with their maximum volume.

    I have a different problem, it seems. I have an HTC Droid Incredible and I have it paired to my Kenwood KDC-BT945U car stereo. While streaming Pandora or while in-call i have almost no audio! If I crank my stereo to the max, i can BARELY hear a whisper of music.

    I have done the following to remedy the problem (with no success):
    1. made sure all volume settings are maxed out on the phone itself. I have used the volume rocker, and third party volume control apps to ensure all the volume settings are at their maximum.

    2. disconnected, receonnected, unpaired, repaired, ect.

    3. Reset stereo

    4. Reset phone

    5. searched for hours on numerous forums.

    my blackberry bluetooth audio worked great with this stereo, and sounded fine. Please tell me there is a fix for this!!


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