Bluetooth auto switching between devices on call

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    Jun 14, 2012
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    Hi guys!

    Been browsing the forums for a while but I've got such an odd setup/requirement I can't find anything that covers it.

    I've got Bluetooth hands free in my car which connects and works fine. I also have a aux in for listening to music but having trailing cables was getting on my nerves. As a result I bought a Bluetooth stereo receiver to use both at home with my Hi-Fi and in my car (it's got a battery so lets me stream music over Bluetooth from my sofa or on the move and works a treat).

    "Brilliant!" I thought. "This is like living in the future!" :p But as you may have worked out by now, this has led to a slight snag...When streaming music over Bluetooth via the stereo adapter I loose the ability to take calls via the car's hands free kit! Doh!

    There seem to be apps to automatically turn Bluetooth on when a call is received and off at the end but nothing to switch from one Bluetooth device to another. Does anyone have any bright ideas or have I created myself a problem without a solution by trying to be clever?


    P.S. in case it makes any difference I'm using a Samsung SGS2 with the latest Litening Rom (ICS).


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