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  1. clio197

    clio197 Member

    I have the One X and have real problems getting it to stay connected to my car. I have a 2010 Renault Megane which has bluetooth fitted from the factory. I can get the car to connect to the phone with no problems what so ever. However, after a few minutes it dis-connects itself, then re-connects itself. This will continue for the entire journey. Its annoying as the radio goes off every time it does it. I had a Desire HD previously and it worked perfectly, never had a problem. This leads me to thinking that it is a phone issue not a car issue. I also have the bluetooth setting set so it is always visible when switched on. Any ideas?

  2. TarekElsakka

    TarekElsakka Well-Known Member

    I have a 2012 SEAT Leon and the One X connects flawlessly to it and I can stream audio, make phone calls and everything with no problems; however, when I am at the gym and I connect the Wireless Beats to my One X, there's a certain point in the phone that if you touch or sort of block by your hand it just stops streaming audio until you move your hand and then it works again. I believe that point is the top of the phone (perhaps behind the front camera and above the rear one), but I am not absolutely certain. Also the distance is very bad, as soon as I start walking away from the phone (I usually leave it on the chair or something) it starts cutting and coming back until I move closer to it again.

    I am sure my Beats is fine as I have used it with my BlackBery Bold 9900 with absolutely no problems right before I got the One X. Try connecting it to your car's Bluetooth and putting the phone in a difference position/place than you usually do.
  3. GingerRob

    GingerRob Well-Known Member

    It could be an issue with different versions of the Bluetooth software. Version 3.x to 4.0. I have no issue with my One X connecting to my Leon, but a colleague at work is having the same issues with his S3 linking to his Volvo. His previous phone worked fine. From what I have read while searching the net it is a known issue with quite a few cars. You may be able to get a firmware update for your car at your local dealer.
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  4. TarekElsakka

    TarekElsakka Well-Known Member

    Oh a Leon buddy! That's awesome. lol
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  5. GingerRob

    GingerRob Well-Known Member

    Yup. Had it a few years now, but just starting to look at doing some mods on it.
    When i get it back from the garage (the ignition barrel collapsed on me the other night) i will be trying my colleagues S3 to see if it connects.
    Another colleague had the same issue with a Blackberry and his Volvo. Took it to the garage and got it upgraded. Connection then worked. Had to take it back though for a further upgrade to allow him to see his contacts.
  6. TarekElsakka

    TarekElsakka Well-Known Member

    I have used iPhones, Nokias, BlackBerrys, Samsungs, and finally the One X and they all connected and worked just fine.

    That's pretty cool. I actually just had the 10k miles service done today. I have a 2012 silver one. I have only done minor modifications: 1) Purchased and installed head light units from Dectane which come with LEDs and projector lenses, 2) Fitted aftermarket HID ballasts, 3) replaced the stock air filter with a Pipercross one which didn't give performance but the sound is much, much better, and 4) replaced the crappy horn with a dual one but it turned out to be horrible as well and I am looking for a new high-tone one.

    By the way, what head unit do you have in the car and which Bluetooth do you use? I have the crappy RCD 310 head unit and I use the OEM Bluetooth which is under the passenger seat. I can stream audio, make phone calls, but unfortunately I cannot switch songs by the steering wheel controls, but only by the voice commands (I'd have to say Music, and then Next, and it plays the next song). Also it just says "BLUETOOTH-AUDIO" on the head unit and "Bluetooth" on the MFD screen rather than displaying the song's name. I'm guessing these features are only available if you have a RNS 310, 315, or 510, but I am not too sure.
  7. GingerRob

    GingerRob Well-Known Member

    I have a 2008 model. Can't remember the head unit, but it plays mp3 format CD's with the ipod dock under the seat. The Bluetooth is the OEM one under the drivers seat. I can make and receive calls, but can't do the music stream (or could just be me not doing it right). I will have another look at this streaming when I get it back on Monday (hopefully)
  8. GingerRob

    GingerRob Well-Known Member

    Got my colleagues Volvo and S3 sorted.
    It picked the connection up straight away, but when the prompt came up asking to share contacts, he was not ticking the 'Do not prompt me again' before clicking ok.
    Looks as if it was constantly trying to get his contacts list and that is why it was dropping out and re-connecting.
    I ticked the box and it is working fine. He can see his contacts list and stream his music.
    Clio197, this may work for you.
  9. TarekElsakka

    TarekElsakka Well-Known Member

    A guy I know with a Leon had the exact same problem. Turned out that he needed to use VAG-COM and enable music streaming, however it was enabled only as Mono rather than Stereo (which means only two speakers would work or something like that). In order to make it work as stereo you'd need a couple of extra wires.

    I could link you to the thread regarding this if you'd like. Just drop me a PM or something.

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