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  1. ccomley

    ccomley Member This Topic's Starter

    May 21, 2010
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    Pairing my phone with my car kit is easy.

    But the problem is...

    In one car it works fine. (Usually - I wish it was consistent but there are days it needs a reboot.)

    In the other car, and in the rental I have at the moment, behaviour is odd at best. most notably, I can initate a call from the car's buttons but I still have to pick up the phone to talk and listen - see under Rubber Stepladder.

    What I've noticed is, if I go into the Bluetooth Settings, it lists the three paired devices, but it shows the car that works, which has a Parrot MK9200, as a Parrot MK9200 with an adjacent icon of a pair of headphones. BUT for the two cars that don't work, one is a Parrot 3200LS (which works fine with my old phone) and the built-in system in a 2005 Land Rover, which shows as "My Car", both show an icon of a phone handset.

    If I long-press the connection name and go into the Options page, I get two options displayed. The top one is connect (or disconnect if it's connected). The bottom one reads "PHONE - use for phone audio" and is ticked. But if I touch this it doesn't untick, it disconnects!

    What's going on?

    HTC Hero - Orange - 2.1-update 1


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