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  1. Allien40

    Allien40 New Member

    We have a Xperia U in the UK on Vodafone but just cannot make a blue tooth connection. The car is a Nissan Note which will successfully connect to a Nokia C3-00. Sony keep giving the same reply and so far have been no help at all but advise checking the software. When connected to PC Companion it comes up with the message Software up to date , although the Sony site is showing a later version. I have backed up the phone but when i check the messge is the .dbk file is corrupt, this is the same on all the back ups made to date. Any help would be welcome.

  2. WillWord

    WillWord New Member

    Hi just connected my 2nd xperia u to skoda fabia, when connecting try searching for device via phone not car, also when you start connecting you get notifications on your phone, you need to confirm about three requests so keep your phone in front of you and awake, phone not you. Good Luck.
  3. Davdi

    Davdi Well-Known Member Contributor

    Mine connects to my Bluetooth stereo (InPhase IPS247BT) no problem. However, the phone needs to be discoverable to make the initial pairing.
  4. bakertech

    bakertech New Member

    I have synced my Experia U to the Nissan Connect system ; but i am unable to load the phone book to the Connect. The correct procedure is followed on the Connect screen and it reads "Loading Phone book" but does not do so. The Experia instructions are also carried out. Contacts - mark all - send via bluetooth. The phone "phone book access requested", but still no transfer. The phone bleeps as if it is connecting.

    Am I not enabling something on the phone? Is it just enable Bluetooth - Nissan Connect shows as paired unit on the phone. But when send to bluetooth in pressed no bluetooth device shows on screen even when search is requested.
    When I tried the process in a supermarket, there were many devices found so the phone search is working.

    Have spoken to Sony and they say that a new update is due as there has been several blue tooth complaints connecting to "Gingerbread devices"

    Any guidance please.

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