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  1. PoeticJustice

    PoeticJustice New Member


    Got a mate who has just purchased a HTC Desire C as her first smart phone. I've tried to bluetooth it some songs over - it's paired ok and we've put an 8gb card in, so no storage issues...

    I can send small files over like ringtones, but anything like a song won't send

    Is there a file limit or something? I'm not familiar with the HTC phones...

    Many thanks

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Hello PoeticJustice and welcome to Android Forums. I don't use your mate's phone but I do use a HTC. My phone will send files or stream tunes via BT but it is always the host. I'm not sure how you are paired or how the phone is receiving files via BT.
    I wish I knew more about it so that I might assist you better. Perhaps another will chime in with some advice. Thanks for using these forums and I hope you can resolve your transfer problem.

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