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  1. karfeef

    karfeef Active Member

    Hi. I've recently flashed cyanogenmod for 2.2. everything seems ok, especially with the latest update. I've never used a bluetooth headset with my spica, on any of the firmwares. I tried on 2.2 last night, and whilst i can hear the caller just fine, they can barely hear me. I paired the headset with my girlfriends non-android phone, and it works a lot better. also tried calling our home landline, but the noise was awful

    i'm considering flashing back to 2.1, with the samdroid kitchen stuff - does anyone know if the bluetooth for calling works better than cyanogen 2.2 - or maybe samdroids 2.2?

    i know the headset isn't the best, but i know it works at least, just not on my phone with 2.2...

    thanks for any help


  2. karfeef

    karfeef Active Member

    further digging around suggests that there is a 10db loss with LK2.08 through the phones mic, i guess it would affect bluetooth mic also? can't really see any fix or workaround...hoping there is something....
  3. karfeef

    karfeef Active Member

    I've actually found that the mic on the headset isn't active at all. it works fine on other phones. The mic on the phone remains active (and was close by in previous testing, hence the 'low sensetivity' thoughts previously.

    anyone know if you can activate the mic on the headset that has no specific setting to do so?

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