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Bluetooth freezes Hero (Browse All)

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  1. DrkNvmbr81

    DrkNvmbr81 New Member This Topic's Starter

    Feb 6, 2010
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    After a day in the office I walk to my truck to head home. I turn my Jabra BT530 on, and then the Bluetooth on my Hero on. I pull up the number pad on the phone to dial someone's number, and the phone freezes. After a while it brings up the "force close" option for the phone, then I can get It to the home screen, but I still can't do anything because it lags horrendously. Eventually, I pull the battery while Im driving to reset it, because it won't let me power off. This never fails to happen. Even when I get the Bluetooth to work, it doesnt always work. An incoming call rings through the Bluetooth, but when I answer I have to use the phone to talk while I turn off and on the Bluetooth so I can use that to talk.

    Anyone else experience this problem? Would a reformat help?


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