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  1. mmgtony

    mmgtony Well-Known Member

    Hi all, sorry for not being around much was busy on multiple projects.

    With that a side I am back again to let anyone interested to know that beta testing for my Android driver for the Zeemote JS1 Controller and BGP100 Bluetooth GamePads will be starting shortly.

    I have a sign up thread at my site if anyone is interested.

  2. esincho

    esincho New Member

    yes sir. anything 2 help. Thanks bro
  3. xodustrance

    xodustrance Well-Known Member

    I want the BGP100 - can I buy that and use it with the emulators (NES, SNES) for the droid?
  4. mmgtony

    mmgtony Well-Known Member

    Right now I tested the NES and it seems it accepts keypress simulation. but I don't have much games to test with. This is the reason i will run a beta test with a few interested users. Also I'm not a gamer so I will leave it up to gamers to decide if the driver works.

    sign up now because I will only accept a limited number of beta testers.

    sign up here:

    And provide:
    1. Your Android device model
    2. Your GamePad Type
    3. Simulators/Emulators you will use
  5. mmgtony

    mmgtony Well-Known Member

  6. Aldo Junior Ao2

    Aldo Junior Ao2 Well-Known Member

  7. YW-Slayer

    YW-Slayer New Member

    Thanks mate, will sign up in that thread. Ordering a BGP100 now from dealxtreme, but probably won't have it for a few weeks.
  8. roylive

    roylive Member

    Did a search on Zeemote and found a web site dated 3/18/2010 that said zeemote had closed up shop. Probably not a good idea to develope drivers for that product
  9. mmgtony

    mmgtony Well-Known Member

    Beta testing has started. only a few more open slots are available for beta testers.

    sign up now if you are interested...
  10. mmgtony

    mmgtony Well-Known Member

    They are still around. as a mater of fact I sent their Director of HW engineering a sample of the driver today to see if we can some how work together to get more of their Zeemote out to users.
  11. shftatsix

    shftatsix Member

    Hows the beta coming along? I have my BGP100 and nexus one just waiting for you to release the apk :)
  12. mmgtony

    mmgtony Well-Known Member

    Its released... check the Market for GamePro - Android.
  13. Dirk

    Dirk New Member

    Hi all,
    News just in the guys @ Zeemote have just announced an SDK for their JS1 Controller.
    Welcome to Zeemote

    Developers can register here: Zeemote


  14. CRPercodani

    CRPercodani OFWGKTA VIP Member

    Dirk, in the future please use the Multi Quote button (the thought bubble with a + sign) instead of making 3 posts with the same content. Thanks and Welcome to AF.
  15. XxbengalsFanxX

    XxbengalsFanxX New Member

    Will this work on My HTC Incredible? Just bought my bgp100 but the gamepro driver isn't allowing the gamepad to connect to my phone
  16. Azelis

    Azelis Well-Known Member

  17. zonexfx

    zonexfx Member

  18. DroidSquad

    DroidSquad New Member

    Can any of you crazy electronics modders just fix the power for

    Genius, Welcome

    Like maybe a usb relay battery pack or a small powered hub with batteries? this controller is pretty portable long as we can fix the power requirement through usb since droids don't put powered out through the micro. Any thoughts?
  19. DroidSquad

    DroidSquad New Member

  20. StalkS

    StalkS New Member

  21. grimloch

    grimloch Well-Known Member

    Doesn't look like there's much home for the Evo :(
  22. absolom7691

    absolom7691 New Member

    Hey guys, I am new here. I keep finding mixed answers on this, or very few answers, althogether. Maybe someone can help clear this up for me. We all know that the SenseUI's incompatability with the current BT stack is killing BT devices for the HTC phones. I know that the wiimote will not work, however, I am seeing several posts around the net saying that the MSI BGP100 will connect.... some say it won't and also the Zeemote with a DInc is also unknown on the net.

    Straightforward... Will the BGP100 sync with the HTC Incredible?

    Will the Zeemote JS1 sync with the HTC Incredible?

    I would like to get whichever will work but, the BGP100 is only selling on ebay now, and it is selling for an ungodly amount of money (extorsion much?). The zeemote is widely available ( and there are some mods I would like to do with it to make it a digital-pad controller rather than analog-stick mainly because deadzones suck, and I don't like the ergo on the zeemote.... MOD TIME!

    To make a long post short (too late), if the Zeemote will sync with the HTC Inc., then I will go with that one. If it won't, I will need get something else or just wait. I just don't want to waste money to find out.

    If anyone knows for sure, I would sure appreciate it!

    BTW, awesome forum. I have been lurking here for a bit... time to join!

    About me (since I am new) My name is Brian, I own an Incredible and I am a big kid... hence, the need to play games on my phone more efficiently!
  23. absolom7691

    absolom7691 New Member

    Answering my own question above and also if anyone else has questions about it.

    The Zeemote DOES work with the HTC Incredible. Quite well, in fact. There is no lag at all. I tried it with Genesoid and also with NESoid. Both work great. I love that the Zeemote does diagonal movement as well.

    Now, on to modding my Zeemote. I will probably put this in a new thread but, what I am going to try for is to take the controller apart and rebuild in so that my phone sits "inside" the controller... Basically giving it a PSP feel, screen in the center and the buttons and d-pad on the outside. Much like the BGP100 but in landscape mode and not so big. More to come!
  24. Azelis

    Azelis Well-Known Member

    I was thinking about that myself but the issue I have with the Zeemote is that it only has 4 buttons. The BGP has 7 not including the D pad. I was starting to think about seeing if I could actually add more buttons to it but I can't find any of the in-depth tech specs to find out. Oh well, I saw Best Buy actually carries these in their online catalog now. Might have to get one and experiment, though I bet the microprocessor in them isn't programmed to recognize any more inputs than it comes with.
  25. absolom7691

    absolom7691 New Member

    It may be possible. I am not sure. I am going to be modding mine very soon. I am waiting for a tri-wing screwdriver to arrive so I can dissasemble a wiimote to use the D-pad and buttons from it. Shouldn't be too hard to mod for that. I just hate analog controls for digital games.

    I normally just use the Genesis emu and the NES emu. I don't really play too many SNES games. Never got into that system. 4 buttons work fine for me. When I have the device apart, I'll see if I can identify the chip used and look up the specs for it. I highly doubt it is a proprietary chip. If it is a common chip, it may very well be possible to add inputs. I don't see why not. If it's custom though... :confused:

    I'll let you know what I find.

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