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  1. shocker80

    shocker80 Member

    Can anyone recommend a good one? Looking to do some gaming once my nexus 7 gets here. Any suggestions?

  2. StreakTheQuad

    StreakTheQuad Well-Known Member

    I have the Gamestop bluetooth controller and it should work. It works fine with my Tab 10.1.

    However, build quality is not great and I am looking forward to the Nyko Playpad as a replacement, when available.
  3. blahblahyoutoo

    blahblahyoutoo Well-Known Member

    Do ps3 controllers work?
  4. dunjamon

    dunjamon Well-Known Member

    There doesn't seem to much around at the moment. The Nyko looks good, but coule be a while before it's released in the UK

    The PS3 one does work...but I think you need to root first. There are apps to use the wiimote tho...might give that a go once I get my Nexus.
  5. Ramzes13

    Ramzes13 Well-Known Member

    if you connect a ps3 controller to the usb port of an ICS tablet for a few minutes, then disconnect it, bluetooth will pair without rooting. it has been confirmed that we can expect the N7 to support basic OTG functionality for keyboards and mice, let's see if this functionality extends to other types of USB input devices...i would love that...
  6. TonyHoyle

    TonyHoyle Active Member

    The OnLive controller works quite well as a generic bluetooth controller - it's well built too. The only downside is it's pricier than I'd like.
  7. StreakTheQuad

    StreakTheQuad Well-Known Member

    Really? My friend hasn't had any luck getting his OnLive controller to work on anything but OnLive games. Could you explain how you got it to work? Thanks in advance
  8. Zingmaster

    Zingmaster Active Member

    I actually got behind the OUYA kickstarter because I cant seem to find a decent controller for my Transformer Tab. I would love to use the PS3 controller but I don't have my system rooted and I don't have the dock. I have spent months looking for a good, decently priced alternative. I don't want to spend 40$ on the gamestop controller (mostly cause I hate gamestop) and I cant find any other alternative that has duel sticks. If anyone has any links to offer up I would be grateful. I have searched this forum and the XDA forum to no avail.
  9. TonyHoyle

    TonyHoyle Active Member

    Just pair it. It shows up as a bluetooth joystick.. it's an absolutely standard joystick as far as I can tell.

    You can tell it's working as you can actually navigate the launcher with it.

    Lots of games don't understand joysticks, because before ICS bluetooth joysticks weren't standardised (you used things like BluezIME to simulate keyboard presses). I'd expect newer stuff to though.
  10. Slayerx

    Slayerx Active Member

    sorry wasn't sure where to put this but with the PS3 control pad using Bluetooth and nexus 7 would there be a way to play games like dead trigger with it?
  11. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    I merged this into the existing controller thread. Don't worry Slayerx, it was buried back on page 4.:)
  12. Slayerx

    Slayerx Active Member

    Thanks pup ;)
  13. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

  14. stridermt2k

    stridermt2k Well-Known Member

    Just ran out to Game Stop and picked up their Wireless Game Controller for Android Tablets.
    Gotta say it's pretty darn good!
    Tablet Wireless Bluetooth Controller for Android | GameStop

    Of course it won't pair with my high end fancy pants tablet, but it has a sticker on the box that says, "Compatible with the new Google Nexus 7 Tablet", so I was playing some ShadowGun THD in no time flat.
    Went and installed some emulators and found no problems with them either.

    As mentioned it feels a bit cheaper than it should, but it does work well!

    This is not a bad option, as you can go and try it in the store for a quick return if you don't like it.
    I've been wary of ordering a controller online because I'm not sure if it will have lag or be uncomfortable, but this one seems great, at least so far.
  15. Covart

    Covart Well-Known Member

    You must be rooted to play many games that lack native support. However, on the S3,Dead Trigger is natively supported. No idea if that is the case with the Nex7, as I rooted both.

    The issue people run into is that a game doesn't recognize what the controller is trying to tell it, since there is nothing written into the code. If you download the 'sixaxis' app, root your device and have a stock ps3 controller, you can literally program your controller for any game. Modern Combat 3 and NOVA 3 play like game consoles when done this way. This is the only way to play in my opinion.
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  16. stridermt2k

    stridermt2k Well-Known Member

    I think this is where I'm heading next.
    I'd really like to have a controller that works with all my devices but isn't cumbersome to use, and that kind of rules out anything requiring a dongle.

    My Nexus 7 is rooted, so the hard part is finding a good deal on the controller!
  17. Covart

    Covart Well-Known Member

    If you go the ps3 route, it MUST be a stock sixaxis controller. Then use sixaxis app from play Store to configure. I can link you some ps3 controller maps for Asphalt 6, Modern Combat 3 and NOVA3 to install. Will give you a baseline to start with and then you can tweak them as you see fit.
  18. comma, splice

    comma, splice Member

    Just bought the Gamestop one to use with some NES and SNES roms. Will report back after testing!
  19. stridermt2k

    stridermt2k Well-Known Member

    They both work great on mine! :)
  20. William T Riker

    William T Riker Well-Known Member

  21. En4cer2k11

    En4cer2k11 Well-Known Member

    Granted, you need an OTG cable rather than wirelessly, but you CAN use a PS3 controller to play games like Dead Trigger and Shadowgun and others, non rooted. I got one for less than $1 off Amazon.
  22. comma, splice

    comma, splice Member

    So far the Gamestop one has given me no problems.

    Had some fun gaming sessions already! This thing is a portable Nintendo now. Yes!
  23. Cato

    Cato New Member

    Might be worth checking out the new Steel series 'Free' controller when that comes out. Looks pretty smart not sure about the name.

    Fingers crossed it comes out in the UK

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