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bluetooth hack?

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  1. msierra519

    msierra519 Well-Known Member

    Does this exist for the hero? I read it works for other htc phones and blackberry but do we have something similar? Just wondering:D


    DFRESH Well-Known Member

    bluetooth hack? explain........bluetooths work with the htc hero....whatchu talkin about willis?
  3. msierra519

    msierra519 Well-Known Member

    Google it..some Android phones can run it..scans other phones that have Bluetooth enabled etc..pretty kool stuff..the downloads come in .jad and .jar files
  4. cooolone2

    cooolone2 Well-Known Member

    Google it is not such a great description... There are only limited BT profiles included with the HERO, so your HACK may mean many things. Please try to provide more information...

  5. msierra519

    msierra519 Well-Known Member

  6. lob

    lob Well-Known Member

    Not working on my HTC desire.....
    I open the file in Astro and it just presents me with loads of unopenable files....
  7. ccapasso

    ccapasso Well-Known Member

  8. cooolone2

    cooolone2 Well-Known Member

    More than that... ILLEGAL!
  9. msierra519

    msierra519 Well-Known Member

    yeah its pretty wrong, i was just curious about it..a sicko at work was telling me about it
  10. akkidy

    akkidy Well-Known Member

    I've installed this on my Sony-Ericsson W950i before and tried it with my gf's phone, with her permission of course, and it never really worked.
  11. phillytskis

    phillytskis New Member

    how do you get it to work on the htc hero
  12. Jayflmng

    Jayflmng New Member

    Okayy... so i'm a little slow outta the gate but by any chance might there be a super bluetooth hack for the photon 4g??? I'm desperate here!!!! ://
  13. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Nope. As mentioned previously it's unethical and probably also illegal in most places.
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