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Bluetooth headphones but no sound (help!)Support

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  1. normcash

    normcash Active Member

    I've managed to get an old pair of Logitech Freepulse bluetooth headphones to pair with my Note 2, but I'm not getting any audio to stream to them.

    Volume levels on both the headphones and the Note are at max. I've tried using both the standard installed media player and Winamp, but neither do the trick.

    Am I missing something obvious? A settings box that needs to be ticked/unticked?

    Help! :confused:



  2. SmashUk

    SmashUk New Member

    I take it you have turned on the bluetooth and paired them with your note? If not then that will be your problem..
  3. normcash

    normcash Active Member

    Yes. Bluetooth is switched on and the devices are paired. Problem is no audio stream while paired.
  4. edlex

    edlex Well-Known Member

    In the bluetooth settings does the headphone say it's connected to phone and media?
  5. normcash

    normcash Active Member

    A-ha... in the Bluetooth settings, there is an unticked box for "Media audio". I've now ticked this, and it says "Connected to media audio". Thought this would solve the probelm, but still no sound.
  6. melmak

    melmak New Member

    Hello. I have done this before on my LG Tone + headset, pressed the stop/pause/stop button. I don't know if your Bluetooth headset has that control or not.
  7. Caloy

    Caloy Well-Known Member

    Is your device capable of streaming music?

    EDIT: never mind, I googled it and it does look like it's made for streaming music.
  8. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Here's the only other thing I can think it could be.

    When you're playing the music, is it completely silent or still playing through the speakers only?

    If they're silent, once you have the bluetooth headset paired, and media audio toggled, try pressing the volume level up (on the phone) while playing something via bluetooth. Thing is, some devices have separate bluetooth volume from the media audio and it can only be accessed when you have bluetooth audio paired and running (not sure why this is, but I saw it early on with the Photon and definitely saw it on the original EVO).
  9. mightymightydragons

    mightymightydragons New Member

    I'm glad I'm not the only one having this problem.

    I can successfully pair the Freepulse headphones to the phone but no audio comes through. Tried all the recommendations on here thus far but nothing.

    Also tried it on my colleague's Galaxy 3 device and no joy.

    Beginning to think it may not be compatible...

  10. normcash

    normcash Active Member

    I've just discovered an app that might be of some help. If it works, I'll report back!
  11. madhman12

    madhman12 New Member

    Any Luck?
  12. normcash

    normcash Active Member

    Unfortunately, no.

    The software I checked out was **********, which is designed to offer better control of media outputs from your device. Unfortunately, it looks as if the Freepulse headphones themselves are simply not compatible with my GN2.

    I'm thinking about buying a pair of Dr Dre Beats Wireless. Quite a step up from the old Freepulse........:)
  13. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    normcash and mightyd have the same BT headset and neither will connect more than likely means that particular set is not compatible with the Note 2 despite it being a BT device.

    This is not uncommon at all. And I'm about 99.9% positive no matter what either of you try to do, there never going to connect. If the app you found works I will be greatly surprised.

    @ melmak I used to fall asleep with my Tones on and always managed to turn the volume down in my sleep. Wake up thinking something's wrong with my phone. :p
  14. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    My previous Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 would pair but not connect to any BT keyboards despite the player being able to connect to HID's....I went thru 4 KB's & 2 players. Finally gave up trying.
  15. Fredwaar

    Fredwaar New Member

    Best Answer
    Hi There,

    I have a Note 2 and tried to use my BT headset this morning same issue occurred all functions worked but no sound.

    Just surfed the web and found this answer, it worked for me hopefully for you too.

    Goto: Sound settings>In 'System' settings section, check 'Touch Sounds'.

    BT works sound can now be heard.

    NB Person on the web who suggested it said the reverse 'uncheck' this box.
    but which ever works for you.

    Hope this helps :D
  16. Stone Dogz

    Stone Dogz New Member

    This sounds crazy, I had the same symptoms with my GS5A and my LG. When I would connect to the head phones, nothing would happen except the phone would quit playing though the local speaker.

    I ended up increasing the volume control on the phone and the content on the headphones started playing.

    The volume 'icon' on the screen on the phone indicated I was increasing 'Bluetooth volume'.

    I too toggled and pushed buttons but to no avail. After it says that you are connected try increasing the Blue tooth volume setting on the phone.
  17. strizzle

    strizzle Member

    Thank you. This (turning touch sounds back on) resolved the issue on my Nexus 6.

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