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  1. cdolson

    cdolson New Member

    I'm having some totally inexplicable trouble with a pair of Sennheiser MM200 Bluetooth headphones I just picked up.

    When I first got them set up, they paired just fine with my Moto Droid (latest firmware, 2.0.1). I was able to listen to music great, talk on the phone, etc., for a few hours.

    Then for no reason they became disconnected.

    I checked the bluetooth status and it said they were "Paired but not connected". I tried connecting, but it would simply say "Could not connect".

    So, I unpaired them and started the headphones up on pairing mode again. Now, the Droid can't even detect them, at all.

    This went on permanently. I restarted the Droid, pulled the battery, turned bluetooth on and off, paired it to another bluetooth device, I even reformatted the damn thing! :mad:

    STILL can't see my MM200 headset! :confused:

    What's worse is that my wife's BlackBerry Storm can see them and pair with them just fine! Every time.

    But to my Droid, they have become completely invisible.

    Anyone run into this, or have any ideas?

  2. TGryphon

    TGryphon Member

    Assuming that the problem is in the phone, you've done the right things (pull the battery and wipe out the bluetooth connection in the phone). If you can't pair even after wiping the whole phone to factory defaults, the problem must be in the headset. Therefore the problem must be in the headset.

    Fix 1: Drain the headset battery completely so that it forgets all its pairings (this may or may not work, test it with the blackberry to see if the headset has 'forgotten' its pairings.)

    Fix 2: At the risk of overstating the obvious: If you just bought it, you can return it. The new headset may develop the same problem, it may not, but after you swap and before you leave the store (or parking lot) you can test it to be sure the problem was with the old headset. That will at least give you some confidence that you're not going crazy,
  3. cdolson

    cdolson New Member

    It does seem logical. But why would the Droid not even be able to see it now?

    If the headset is put into pairing mode, anything can see it. My laptop, the BlackBerry, anything. The Droid refuses to even detect!

    I'll try your suggestion of draining the thing to death, possibly returning as well.
  4. cdolson

    cdolson New Member

    Yeah, I can confirm 100% certainty that the headphones are not the issue.

    My Windows 7 PC is able to detect and bond to them without issue, as are 2 different BlackBerrys. At the very same time these are able to, the Droid is blind to the headphones.

    Is there any way to totally wipe and reset the Android OS? When I did the reformat and reboot, it seemed that many of my previous settings were saved, such as WiFi passwords, my wallpaper, etc., even though all the applications were wiped and I had to reactivate the phone and register my email accounts again.

    Is there a Bluetooth specific folder or some settings somewhere that I can wipe or ensure are reset?
  5. summerfish

    summerfish Well-Known Member

    Well there are certain cars that don't see some phones, so this isn't a new issue really. Working at Verizon we tell people if they have bluetooth in their car to confirm with the dealership that the phone is compatible with their system. Bluetooth is bluetooth, but not always compatible with each other.
  6. cdolson

    cdolson New Member

    I've pinpointed the issue.

    I took the headphones to work today, and they spontaneously began working again. When I brought them back home they were still working, until my Droid connected to my Wireless Router (D-Link DGL-4500).

    The moment it connected to the router, the headset made the "bluetooth disconnected sound" and the Droid would no longer connect to the headset. So, I turned off the WiFi on the Droid and, just as I suspected, I could once again connect to the MM200.

    This is a clearly re-creatable bug in Android, with this specific wireless router/configuration.

    I will try adjusting router options on the wireless later and see if it has anything to do with what wireless mode the router is using, etc.

    Does anyone know where the proper place to submit Android bug reports is? The Google developer's groups, perhaps?

    Thanks for listening.

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