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Bluetooth headset only picks up phone audio on Desire (Browse All)

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  1. paulgreco

    paulgreco Member This Topic's Starter

    Aug 6, 2010
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    Hi guys, first post.

    Been loving my Desire for about a week now, discovered a minor niggle.

    My generic bluetooth headset - model number BH20 - will pair with the Desire and connect no problem. But it will only connect to the phone audio. Apparently I want it to say "connected to phone and media audio" in the settings but the option is nowhere to be found. This is annoying as I only want to use the headset for Google maps navigation. I don't really need it for phone audio. It used to channel all audio through my old Nokia - how can a whizzy phone like the Desire not be compatible with some bog standard bluetooth device from Tesco?

    Any workarounds / suggestions / advice other than "buy a new headset!"??

    Someone suggested plugging standard headphones in at the same time - seems to make no difference.


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