Bluetooth headset that you can stream music to? (and works for PS3?)Tips

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  1. Melissa88

    Melissa88 Member

    Hello, can anyone recommend me a bluetooth headset that can be used to stream music to and can also be used on the PS3 as a standard headset?

    Looking around it seems some bluetooth headsets you can play music through and some you can't, but I have no idea what determines if you can or not. And Im assuming any bluetooth headset would work on PS3 but obviously wanna try and find out before I buy one.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. rozel

    rozel Well-Known Member

    My wonderful Nokia BH-905's do everything I ask them to do and the quality is awesome. Whether they are still available and/or whether they have been replaced, I am not sure. I bought them when I got my Nokia N-900 but they work marvellously with my SGS2
  3. coolpijus

    coolpijus New Member

    I am also planing to buy one bluetooth headset for listening music and making call, and i find this Nokia Bh-505 model, price is also not very high in Mumbai INR 1200.
    But i still have to find out the compatibility factor.

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