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Bluetooth Integration with Car AudioSupport

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  1. bobberuk

    bobberuk New Member

    I've just been speaking with Pioneer re. linking my car audio head unit to my phone. Currently the track data etc doesn't show on the head unit. They told me the phone needs to support AVRCP v1.3 or higher. Does anyone know if there is a mod or upgrade to support this?



  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    What I've been able to find is your Desire S stock comes with AVRCP 1.0. I have read about rooting your phone and installing a rom that contains 1.3 or higher. I don't know that there is a stock mod available to you. I should not be your definite source however.
    I just did some searching about. I hope an owner of the S might lend some information for you. I do want to take the opportunity to welcome you to AF. I hope you enjoy these forums.

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