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  1. jetmechG550

    jetmechG550 Active Member

    Having an issue connecting to bluetooth devices, mostly Sync in my Ford Truck. If I do a power cycle and turn my phone and bluetooth on, it will connect fine. If at any point during the day I turn bluetooth off (like while at work) and then turn it back on for the drive home, it will not connect, even if I go into the settings in Sync, select the phone and then select connect. It will only connect if I turn the phone off and back on. Looking at the phone settings, it will show "turning bluetooth on" but never does anything and then bluetooth will turn itself off after a failed attempt or two to connect. I am four days into the phone and this is my first Android device. Tried a search across the board and didn't find anything similar. Came from iPhone and neither my 3GS, 4, 4S would do anything like it either. Trying to find if I need to go in further and set something up or what?

  2. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    Ford sync is supposedly super tricky. There have been a handful of threads around the site on setting it up.

    I will try and find them.
  3. jetmechG550

    jetmechG550 Active Member

    Thanks Mr Ed. I think you may know what I mean when you type sync in search, it yielded all kinds of stuff to syncing the phone and not the product Sync ;)
  4. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    indeed. sometimes it can be difficult narrowing it down.

    the consensus seems to be delete it/unpair on both sides, re pair

    (search "ford" for more )
  5. jetmechG550

    jetmechG550 Active Member

    Thanks, I'll check those out. I was using Ford + Sync and didn't think to just use Ford. Just using sync is crazy LOL
  6. daystrom

    daystrom Well-Known Member

    Do you have a 2011 model year vehicle? If so there is a problem with the Sync module that doesn't seem to be there in 2010 and below vehicles.

    I have a 2011 F150 with Sync. If I have a USB stick plugged in and start the truck with my Skyrocket or any paired bluetooth device, half the time Sync will lock up on me or not pair with the phone unless I press the phone button on the steering wheel.

    It's real fun when it locks up. I can't hit the voice command button, pressing the media button cycles between AM, FM2, and Sirius. USB doesn't work, bluetooth doesn't work.

    The only way out of it is to park the truck, turn off the key and open a door. This essentially restarts the Sync system.

    Tons of posts out there about this problem. Hope Ford has a fix soon!
  7. jetmechG550

    jetmechG550 Active Member

    2010, I think it may be out of date, I updated not long ago, but I think there was an update that snuck in in the last month or two. I'll post back
  8. angknow

    angknow New Member

    I'm having the same issue. There are comments being made that it is the vehicle you are attempting to connect to. I have to disagree. As stated in the original post, "it will show "turning bluetooth on" but never does anything and then bluetooth will turn itself off after a failed attempt or two to connect". My phone is doing the same. In the bluetooth settings the bluetooth will say "turn on bluetooth", once you select to turn it on, it says "turning on bluetooth". Then after a period of time, it says "Turn on bluetooth" again. This is before I've attempted to connect to anything. If the phone doesn't turn bluetooth on, you won't connect to anything...:mad:
  9. csdelaria

    csdelaria New Member

    Same issue, says "Turning Bluetooth On", but it never happens...battery runs down immediately. Any ideas?
  10. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    I am going to be honest...I noticed mine do this once but rebooted and it never did so again.

    Was your battery at a specific level when this happened (like less than ??%)

    I am curious if it is some sort of power setting
  11. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    mine started doing this again today..honestly, at this point, I am taking the phone back

    This is my 4th one and I am tired of the bugs

    Reboot fixed it....battery was at 100%

    Sad part is that I have no idea what phone I am going to get now :/
  12. iPhone Piper

    iPhone Piper Member

    Had the phone for a few weeks now (replaced iPhone 3GS) and have some issues with the Bluetooth. Always seems to lockup and not connect. I try not to run with Bluetooth on when I'm not using it. Ocassionally when I turn it on it never starts up. It says connecting then Bluetooth does not turn on in the phone. If I reboot the phone, it immediately turns on. Has issues connecting with my '11 Toyota 4Runner as well as my Jawbone headset. Range seems a little short as well. I can barely make it into another room without my headset disconnecting due to loss of signal.

    My question is, common problem? Phone BT totally sucks or broken?

    Sorry guys, my old iPhone never once did not connect to either device. I could go out into the driveway and still stay connected as well. I really enjoy my skyrocket, 20+mbps data is really cool, just disappointed in BT at the moment..........
  13. 4Gee

    4Gee Member

    I use a Blue Ant Q2 Platinum and have gone a good 30 ft away from SR without issue. I have also been about the same distance from my Jawbone Jambox and no problems. My SR connects to my 2010 Toyota Prius fast and every time, something my Infuse had issues with.
  14. jetmechG550

    jetmechG550 Active Member

    I have found that if I turn bluetooth on and off throughout the day that when I need to turn it on a few minutes before I get in my truck. If ample time isn't given then it won't connect again until I reboot the phone. If I leave bluetooth on all the time, it will connect every time I get in the truck. I don't use a headset or other devices to say what works there but so far that is what I am finding to work for me. If I get in my truck and start it up and have forgotten to turn on bluetooth it's not even worth trying at that point
  15. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    that's exactly what happened. I turned it off.. then on. Off then tried to turn it back on again and it would not.

    I think it may actually be a gingerbread bug.. I swear it happened before on my thrill and infuse
  16. iPhone Piper

    iPhone Piper Member

    Looks like the thread Bluetooth issue is what I'm seeing. I will follow that thread.......

    Oh and 30', I was thinking more like 3X that.
  17. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    Lol we already have a discussion going on this. The trick appears to be just leaving Bluetooth on all the time
  18. House Doc

    House Doc New Member

    I have a 2010 F150 and had a tough time getting the SYNC set up to start with. Been pretty happy with it for about a month now. I leave BT on all the time on my phone. I did have to POR the phone and SYNC the other day to get it connected. According to the SYNC site, I am at the latest code for my truck. No new release for 2010 for about a year. I think it is Version 3.1 of SYNC. I did turn off AutoDownload of the phonebook on SYNC settings. My old Samsung Impression did not like the autodownload setting either.
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  19. m12345

    m12345 New Member

    I'm having the same issue. But I have an acutal bluetooth. The problem is not with the car - it's with the phone. I've had this phone for two weeks and I'm starting to grow tired of all the little issues with it. Really close to returning it at this point.
  20. Moncho33

    Moncho33 Member

    My Bluetooth began acting up last night as well. Will connect to my car, but will not stream music over Bluetooth, which it did perfectly until last night.
  21. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    I keep saying I am going to hook mine up and test (car is down for motor replacement)

    I will try tomorrow.

    rather than "this sucks I am taking my phone back" can you guys give me some exact details really helps me narrow it down.

    the only phone issue we have seen so far is that if bluetooth pairing is made and at anytime bluetooth is turned off on the phone, it will not reconnect.

    Att and Samsung are working on updates that will fix several major issues, this being one of them. There is unfortunately no timeline on when it will roll out.

    I have seen this once on one of my stereo bt headsets, but like I said, have not been able to test my h/u in the car because the battery is out everything is out of it

    If you are turning off bluetooth, try not turning it off would be surprised how little having bluetooth on all day affects your battery
  22. jetmechG550

    jetmechG550 Active Member

    Since I have stopped turning it on and off I have not had any issues, even after being gone for several days at a time and then coming home, it connects
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  23. m12345

    m12345 New Member

    I will try leaving it on and see what happens. Regarding battery life: my phone dies after about 5-6 hours. And I don't use it much at all, it mostly sits there. So if you actually do make a phone call - it pretty much kills the battery. If leaving the bluetooth on doesn't affect it that much, it could be a workable solution.

    Speaking of other problems: Text messages have to be re-sent several times. And something is wrong with the microphone because almost all calls on my end and on the other end sound robotic. And yes, I have checked with the carrier. They switched my tower to see if it was the network and it hasn't fixed the issue. :(

    Are there any software updates that are more or less recent that perhaps should be installed?
  24. jetmechG550

    jetmechG550 Active Member

    Sounds like the phone has issues all around. I have not noticed a decrease in battery life leaving BT on. Moderate usage and I get about 10 hours before I should seek a charger.
  25. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    I am going to guess you are having major network issues. Have you tracked signal strength with "network signal info"

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