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  1. kevlarian

    kevlarian Member

    is anyone having issues with their Bluetooth after the 4.2.2 update? everything works for me but the Bluetooth voice dialing isn't working anymore. it tries to but when I call out a contact it randomly repeats some number. I will say, 'call dana Stevens'. the phone will say, 'did you want to cal 3409000?' it will never recognize what I said. bwith 4.2.1 it is perfect every time.

  2. chong67

    chong67 Well-Known Member

    I cant get my BT in my car to work well with this update. It is frustrating.

    It will only work each time I reboot the phone.

    The problem is that the other party cant hear me but I can hear them.

    Anyone else have this problem?
  3. SiempreTuna

    SiempreTuna Well-Known Member

    Funny you should say that, but after having the update for nearly two weeks, yesterday my bluetooth wouldn't turn on - from the Power widget or in settings.

    I restarted the phone and it came on, but then I when I tried to make a call in the car (3 series), it wouldn't connect. After several tries. Another re-start and it was all working again.

    Very strange. I've hardly had to restart my phone at all in the previous 2 1/2 months.

    Some people are reporting that they no longer get the contacts coming through. I keep meaning to check, but again I forgot.
  4. chong67

    chong67 Well-Known Member

    Today my BT is working. I had cold boot the night before.

    After I turn off my BT, I notice my speaker sound is very faint and soft. I have the volume turn all the way up.

    I did another cold boot and now the speaker phone ringing is LOUD.

    How to submit a trouble ticket to Google?

    No wonder we are getting the fastest update from Google but they dont even test out their s* first!
  5. hstroph

    hstroph Well-Known Member

  6. iamnid

    iamnid Member

    I'm having lots of issues with the car connectivity since the update. Connects fine but when I leave the car, the bluetooth icon remains "blue" and the phone thinks it is connected. The phone will get very hot and the bluetooth sharing service will very rapidly drain the battery unless I manually turn bluetooth off and then back on every time I get out of my car.

    Very annoying.
  7. chong67

    chong67 Well-Known Member

    I have not had any problems lately with the BT in my car now.

    Some do and some dont.

    Try disconnect and repair again.
  8. KaiserM715

    KaiserM715 Member

    Sounds exactly like some of the issues I have been having with Sync since the update.
  9. coheniso

    coheniso New Member

    hi i experience another problem : my phone cutoff from my car bluetooth in a middele of a conversation with no reason .then i have to end the conversation and call again.

    someone knows the reason ?
  10. 2ndHalfCor

    2ndHalfCor Well-Known Member

    I've had this happen too, only the connection was to my Plantronics headset. I was able to pick up the phone and continue the call. At other times I've had to turn the phone off and back on to get the headset to reconnect after having turned off the headset and then later turned it back on. Definitely not as reliable as the connection t my BB9900.
  11. chong67

    chong67 Well-Known Member

    I am able to replicate the problem with my BT now. I use WeChat app and it seems to crash the BT connection in my car.

    I dont know if it is Android or the app problem.
  12. Monygg85

    Monygg85 Well-Known Member

    I have now also noticed that when I need my bluetooth to turn on through a widget or through that pull down notification bar, it doesnt turn on. I have to restart my phone and then it works. This has been happening ever since 4.2.2 rolled out!
  13. rocket31337

    rocket31337 New Member

    If you downgrade the radio it fixes the bluetooth issues.

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