Bluetooth Keyboard '2-in-1 Case' by mbeatTips

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  1. Vaguereach

    Vaguereach New Member

    Hi All,

    SPECS: Samsung Galaxy S2 Tab 10.1,

    This little case/keyboard combo is a dream except the key mapping changes depending on what program I am using.

    I am posting this from my desktop, but to clarify: if I was typing an address into the URL section of Chrome on my Tablet, the keyboard would function as normal and retain full functionality - i.e. the magic buttons all work (Home, Internet, Apps button etc) and standard keyboard buttons all work.

    But the moment I click into a form and change the focus of the cursor/program the keyboard behaves strangely. All the magic buttons stop working and my '.' key (which is also my '>' key) no longer makes full stops... it does something but I'm not sure what really.

    Most the normal keyboard keys ('a', 'd', 't' etc) seem to work but it makes replying to emails in Chrome and the Internet app extremely frustrating. I have to alternate between the built in vision keyboard and the hardware keyboard to get the job done.

    Any hints/help much appreciated.

  2. Vaguereach

    Vaguereach New Member

    Hmm... so I am on my Tab and full stops and magic buttons are working using the included internet app. The space bar still double sends on occassion but maybe its a Chrome problem....
  3. Vaguereach

    Vaguereach New Member

    Interesting... seems to be a Chrome problem only.
  4. thequeenscheese

    thequeenscheese Well-Known Member

    Try dolphin

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