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bluetooth keyboard badly laggingTips

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  1. omahorst

    omahorst New Member

    Hi guys,
    I have purchased a logitech bluetooth keyboard with my sony tablet because i was planning do a fair amunt of writing with it. But the keyboard is so sluggish in its response time that it's essentially unusable. Anyone have an idea as to why that could be? If bluetooth is the problem, can i hook up a keyboard via usb? I should also note that bluetooth kb operation sometimes seems to knock out wifi, which is quite annoying.

  2. CheerfulLuke

    CheerfulLuke New Member

    I've tested with a Bluetooth desktop keyboard and didn't notice any real lag, have you updated to 3.2?

    You can use a USB keyboard but you have to buy a ~$15 (usd) Sony cable to do so, others have tested this and it seems to work.

    Given the lag with the BT keyboard and the wifi issues, I would try a different keyboard. Does it act the same with other devices?

    Good luck!
  3. omahorst

    omahorst New Member

    Thanks, CL -- I've been wondering if I should have gotten the Sony keyboard in the first place. I'll report back when I try that.

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