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  1. rscarawa

    rscarawa Well-Known Member

    I am looking to buy a keyboard for the tf700 but I am not sure which would be the better option. How does the dock compare to bt? Anyone regret getting the dock?

    I am also in the market for a protective case. Does the dock make it harder to find a case for the unit? Are there cases which will let you operate the tablet separate from the dock?


  2. trharris78

    trharris78 Member

    I can't say much about BT keyboards because I don't have one to try, but I think the dock is awesome. Extra battery life, extra hardware keys for toggling stuff, volume, back, home, menu, etc... I have no regrets. I got a Prime dock from Best Buy for $99 and have no troubles except for the latch being a little sticky. I have to nudge it into the locked position but I can live with that.

    I just like the way the dock and tablet fit together when it's closed... it's like a hefty slab of technology...

    As for cases, I saw one that wraps around the tablet and dock together and it looks like it's separable also. Amazon reviews are "meh" because it apparently adds some bulk, though. Here's the link: MiniSuit
  3. lowki

    lowki Active Member

    Ok, here are my problems with the dock for the Transformer in general. First of all, I am very disappointed with the fact that Asus makes you buy a dock to have access to a usb port. I feel that paying $150 for a keyboard is ridiculous when you have to pay $500 for the tablet. You can get a USB dongle, but you can not charge the tablet at the same time. My advise for anyone buying this tablet is that if you have a BT keyboard, use it and wait for the price to come down to a reasonable price. That being said, the keyboard is built for android which means you get special keys built for the android platform. I am using an Apple wireless keyboard to write this and it works great, no delay, and most keys work except the ones designed for Mac like the volume keys and brightness. If you do plan on using a bluetooth keyboard with the Infinity, then you will need a free app called "BlueKeyBoard." If you are thinking about getting the prime dock then you should be aware that the are a few slight differences like the difference in battery capacity, the infinity dock has a larger battery, and the way the tablet actually fits into the dock. I have also read that with the prime dock the top heavy feeling is more pronounced causing the tablet to have a tendency to fall backwards when it is on your lap.
    There are some cases that will accommodate both the tablet and the dock; however, I don't really like the way these look. I feel like they look cheap and also add a lot of bulk to a device that's main selling point is it's sleek sexy design.
    I first bought the TF300t and the dock together and to be honest I really did like the way they worked together. I did end up taking it back to Bestbuy bc I found out the tf700t was coming out. When I went to purchase the TF700t I just had a hard time justifying $150 for a damn wireless keyboard. I mean, come on! There are also a plethora of new tablet coming out in the next few months that will not only have similar spec to the infinity at the same $500 price range but that also includes a keyboard. Knowing this, I am seriously considering taking this one back to get one of the rumored tablets coming out in the next month or two.
    I have been closely following the android tablets in development for about the last 3 months and the Infinity should have been the end all to the best tablet on the market. Asus' decision to move the usb port to the dock only as a ploy to lure ppl into buying a dock was a serious mistake. If it had a usb port on the tablet, no one would be able to compete wtih it, but they got greedy, and that will be the downfall of this tablet.
    I really went with android bc Apple limits how you can change the user interface, and also it only has one port, a damn proprietary port none the less. Don't get me wrong I do like apple, I own a 15" macbook pro, but the ipad will never be an option for me.
    Sorry about the rant, I hope this helps you some.
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  4. pucrepeap

    pucrepeap Well-Known Member

    The TF201 dock is much less than the TF700 dock and they are the same exact thing.

    You pay an extra $100 for not only a keyboard, but a android specific keyboard, usb ports, sdslot, and basically an extra battery. All that is probably worth $100. You get a BT keyboard, you are at least paying $50 for an ok one, and the only thing you get out of it is a keyboard.

    So you have a $500 tablet (heck of a tablet), + $100 keyboard dock, now you have a $600 tablet/netbook. Still a better deal than an ipad.
  5. novox77

    novox77 Leeeroy Jennnkinnns! VIP Member

    Lot of great points in your post, but this snippet deserves a second look, since a lot of people are going for the cheaper TF201 dock. So after a lot of initial confusion, here's what I've concluded:

    1) There are actually two distinct docks: one made for the Prime, and one made for the Infinity

    2) Functionally, the TF201 dock will work with the Infinity

    3) Both docks indicate the TF-201 model number, but the Infinity dock also indicates a part number of TF700.

    4) TF700T isn't arbitrarily more expensive; a few things have been improved, like the larger capacity battery, and a more compatible fit with the tablet. And possibly better weight balance.

    I think the biggest advantage of a BT keyboard is that it is pretty much universally compatible with any device; whereas the Infinity dock is compatible with either the device it was made for, or for the current Transformer family. There's go guarantee the current dock will work for a future Transformer or ASUS tablet.

    But if you want the best experience for only the Infinity, it makes sense that the dock is the best bet. I tend to think that the dock is a bit expensive as well and will likely opt out of it. Though one other advantage not yet mentioned is that it also serves as a screen protector.
  6. trharris78

    trharris78 Member

    I think the Prime dock is actually the one with the bigger battery.

    Prime: 22 Wh
    Infinity: 19.5 Wh

    This (along with impatience) is why I got the Prime dock from Best Buy. I also read in a few places that the reason for the size change was to better balance the Infinity's dock with the tablet. They moved the battery farther forward (closer to the user) to offset the tablet's weight so that it doesn't tip over as easily. Because of the new battery location, it had to be slightly smaller.

    Honestly, though, I have the Prime dock and the thing doesn't really tip over that easy anyway. Plus if you're sitting with it in your lap with your hands on the keyboard, it's not going anywhere.

    It is true that the latch doesn't quite work right with the Prime dock... I have to nudge it into the locked position. But saving $50+ and getting a slightly bigger battery is worth the tradeoff I think.
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  7. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    This is a good point, especially since the OP said he's looking for a case. To MY mind, the keyboard can double as a 'case' (to me, the primary function of the case is to protect the screen, I'm not too concerned about the back of the tablet).

    If you're thinking of buying a keyboard and a case, then I'd say just go with the Asus keyboard - IF you're like me and think that the keyboard also serves the purpose of a case.
    And, as mentioned, the Asus keyboard will increase the time between charges for the TF - which could be a good thing, depending upon your usage.

    All that said, I have a BT keyboard. Battery life is not an issue for me, so I didn't care about that.
    90% of the time I don't use the keyboard, so I wouldn't want it connected to the TF when I'm out and about because of the additional weight. The keyboard always stays at home, and I could count on one hand the number of times I'd wished it was with me.
    Also, I'm a cheap bastard, and it was $100 less. :)
  8. rscarawa

    rscarawa Well-Known Member

    Ok, so I got a non blue tooth keyboard and love it. It is missing a few critical keys but it is nice to have something to rest my hands on while typing.

    One thing I noticed is that the battery of the keyboard and tablet do not draw down at the same rate. I fully charged both and after a couple hrs off the charger, the tablet is at 75% charge and the keyboard is 99% charged. Why is that? At what point will the keyboard battery start to draw down?
  9. pucrepeap

    pucrepeap Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure the exact moment, but but I noticed there comes a time when the tablet starts charging itself off the keyboard. I've never seen the keyboard with juice and the tablet without. But I have seen the keyboard depleted and the tablet still kicking.
  10. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    I got the keyboard dock. The lack of USB, even a microUSB, on the tablet was unacceptable to me. I had to get the keyboard dock. My tablet also is often hooked into the TV playing Netflix or something like that, so I can use the extra battery.
  11. rscarawa

    rscarawa Well-Known Member

    I have seen that too. Seems that the tablet depletes it battery. To around 75% then the dock charges the tablet. At some point the dock discharges completely and you run off the tablet battery. Total battery life seems very good between the two batteries.
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  12. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Yep, that's what I noticed, too. Something else I noticed is when you have the keyboard dock connected, you'll see 2 battery icons in the lower right. One is the keyboard battery (it has a keyboard on it) and one is the stock tablet battery icon.

    In between you'll see a >> icon separating them. When this is dim, the keyboard is not charging the tablet. When it's lit up blue, the keyboard is charging the tablet.

    If you use the Asus battery widget, it'll show tablet, keyboard and charger. It'll indicate what is charging, what isn't, and where the cable is plugged into. It's pretty straight forward to follow.

    My only complaint is that it completely fools the Android Battery stats page, as the tablet is constantly charged back up and it think's it's been running for 5 minutes. So no overall battery life report over the full life of keyboard + tablet.
  13. Kookas

    Kookas Well-Known Member

    I've ordered this tablet and it doesn't come with a dock. Still, I plan on getting one when I have the cash. The dock is one of the key reasons I bought this thing, on top of it being generally a good device.

    Reason being I'm a student and will be typing up essays and the like, perhaps taking notes if the college isn't technologically backward (as some are).
  14. Sharonlm

    Sharonlm New Member

    I have an Apple Wireless keyboard for my iPad 3. I also have the Asus docking keyboard. I love the docking keyboard but there's many times (especially when a game is played in portrait mode only) I want to go with a wireless keyboard.

    I downloaded the mentioned "BlueKeyBoard" app but it wouldn't work for me, my Asus wouldn't recognize it. Was it because I tried using it with the Asus docking keyboard still attached? I really want to find a wireless keyboard that works with the Asus Infinity tf700 which I have.

    Can anyone help? I would like to use my Apple wireless keyboard but would be willing to invest in another keyboard if there is one that will work.

  15. siggy1964

    siggy1964 Well-Known Member

    I really like my keyboard dock and it usually stays attached. When I went to Best Buy to get the dock for the Infinity it actually said tf700 on the outside of the package but when I opened it up it has the tf201 sticker on the dock. It works fine but I paid the full price at $150 for mine unlike those of you that paid $99:confused: The Prime is also still at the original price of $499 at this Best Buy.
    As for a case, I use a soft pistol case that has a handle which also has some outer and inner storage for "stuff" like the screen cloth.

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