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Bluetooth Keyboard Support!!!! Works flawlessly

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  1. ap3604

    ap3604 Well-Known Member

    Update: an update killed this app for my Palm bluetooth keyboard. Emailed dev and will post reply once I hear it :mad:

  2. varaonaid

    varaonaid Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that info. i'm giving some thought to trying the Freedom Keyboard Pro (after I get my Android phone...LOL!) with their coming keyboard driver but I'm SOOOO happy to know that BT keyboards are now fully doable with an Android phone! I will definitely use this instead of my laptop at times!
  3. darkLuke

    darkLuke Active Member


    Did you try to connect BT gamepad to the N1?
  4. scotthelsel

    scotthelsel New Member

    A quick question for you about the Palm 3245ww wireless bluetooth keyboard. I have a htc Hero and the same keyboard but I am hitting a snag when I try to pair them up. I've installed Blueinput, the phone recognizes the keyboard and then asks for a PIN. I've tried 0000 and 1234 and several others but I always get the message that the phone has problems pairing with the keyboard after I enter the PIN. What phone do you use and do you have any idea what the PIN code should be or what else I might try? I like the keyboard a lot and want to keep using it with my Hero if at all possible.

    Thanks for your time and help!
  5. kaotix

    kaotix Well-Known Member

    I know this thread is old but would like to know if anyone knows if the Palm 3169WW would work. I think it's a much nicer looking keyboard to the 3245ww :p
    Personal preference really but would like to know.

    If no one can help I'll purchase it and let you guys know how it works out.
  6. mattb5

    mattb5 New Member

    @kaotix The 3169WW won't work. It uses infrared which I don't think any Android products have.

    @scotthelsel I've got an Incredible and I run into the same thing. It asks for the password. Tried the usual 1234, 0000. But no go. I'd gladly pay for the full version if it actually worked.

    Anyone else get an HID BlueTooth keyboard working?

    I've seen threads on getting it working on rooted phones, but this is the only thread I've seen that anyone said they've got it working with an app.

    I picked up two of these Palm 3245WW keyboards on a Palm clearance sale a while ago for $10 each. Worked great on my Centro. Find it hard to believe that Android doesn't support this out of the box yet. I wonder if this is baked into 2.2 or 3.0?
  7. varaonaid

    varaonaid Well-Known Member

    Part of the problem is the SenseUI. Because of a conflict that was unresolvable before launch, they rolled back the BT on the DInc to 1.6 so that it wouldn't conflict with SenseUI. But as a result, all the MAJOR changes to BT in 2.0 and 2.1 aren't implemented in the Dinc. Very disappointing. That's why I wasn't able to get my Freedon Pro working with it. There's a lot of info on this on other forums and people are pretty upset about it because we were led to believe we had true Eclair 2.1 but that isn't entirely the case. I've heard of several people who've gotten BT keyboards to work with the Moto Droid so I assume that it has to be primarily a sense issue since the problems tend to be on HTC phones. :(
  8. greysight

    greysight Well-Known Member

    Can you point me to someone who found a work around? I really want to get my freedom pro keyboard working.
  9. wbeard52

    wbeard52 New Member

    In reference to the bluetooth keyboards not pairing with the phone. I think it is important to remember the BlueInput software will ask for a pin number. You can choose any number you like and then enter the same pin number on the keyboard and hit enter.

    When I did this, on a Logitech Y-X5A77 keyboard with BlueInput on a Garminfone. I was able to get it to connect.

    I hope this helps.
  10. eemedic

    eemedic New Member

    Trying to connect an android intercept (samsung) to a palm 3245WW keyboard over bluetooth, after I sync the two using 0000 as a pin, the android message says "paired but not connected" How to connect?
  11. configurator

    configurator Member

    eemedic, just click the line that says "paired but not connected" and it will try to connect; if your keyboard is turned on it should work.
  12. RedTitan

    RedTitan New Member

    I found that I could pair my Palm 3245WW Bluetooth keyboard using the serial number on the hinge side of the unit; there is a 12 character series with 4 digits in the middle. Those 4 digits are the pair code for my keyboard:


    The XXXX was input on my LG Optimus T Bluetooth device screen. The two devices paired, but did not connect, so I'm working through that glitch; I'll try BlueInput. But for those looking for a pair code, try your 4 digit series. I hope it works for you. Let me know.

    Interestingly, I can pair and connect the keyboard to an Ipod Touch. When doing so, there is a rolling pairing code sent to the Ipod screen. Entering the code on both the keyboard and Ipod it both pairs and connects. This makes entries into NotePad MUCH easier and faster - I copied all from my Palm Treo 700p in less than a hour.
  13. outoffocus

    outoffocus Well-Known Member

  14. BudDroid

    BudDroid Well-Known Member

    The Apple video looks promising. Anyone know the specifics of pairing, support, etc. or does it work with any Android device?
  15. Hook

    Hook Ever since DU... ;-) VIP Member

    The HTC HD2 is a Windows Mobile device. I use the AWK with my Nexus One, but it requires Blueinput from Teksoft:

    Teksoft - Future Teknology

    Works well, but expensive. Not sure it is worth it unless you plan to do a lot of writing on your handheld. However, it is very nice and I love the keyboard.
  16. sunman

    sunman Member

    I have the Think Outside BT keyboard and the Teksoft works pretty good.
  17. radhoo

    radhoo Member

    On the same website you've indicated, there's a Blueinput for Broadcom that works with Windows Mobile. Did you try it?
  18. dopleganger

    dopleganger New Member

    Try this. Pick any four diget numeric code and enter it on the phone. When the blutooth indicator light on the keyboard stops blinking enter the same code on the keyboard.
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  19. dopleganger

    dopleganger New Member

    Try this. After entering any four diget numeric code on the phone enter the same code on the keyboard when the blutooth indicator light on the keyboard stops blinking.
  20. axiomax

    axiomax New Member

    Excellent! I had been reading about drivers and writing code and blah,blah and you nailed it! I just did it and have already sent 5 emails...game changer:D
  21. midi

    midi Member

  22. 1999ws9

    1999ws9 New Member

    I am running 2.3.6 Gingerbread EK18 and BlueInput 2.0 doesn't find any BT devices on my Samsung Replenish. In fact, I tried all the other versions going backwards and got the same thing. Nada. :confused:
  23. rtmj

    rtmj New Member

  24. timrunner1

    timrunner1 New Member

    Has anyone one been successful in pairing a Palm 3169WW keyboard with a Samsung Nexus?

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