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  1. aap

    aap Active Member

    Anyone using a full-size Bluetooth (HID) keyboard with their Optimus T? Supposedly LG doesn't support the HID profile, but there are a few other options that claim they might work anyway, such as BlueKeyboard JP and BlueInput. Tried both, neither worked with the new Motorola keyboard. Anybody have better luck with the Motorola keyboard, or any other HID keyboard, on their Optimus T?

  2. rscala

    rscala New Member

    I am looking for the same thing. I bought the Verbatim keyboard, but no joy. It uses the HID profile which is not supported in the Optimus T. Its cousin, the Freedom keyboard, apparently has an SPP profile option, but the LG site says that SPP is not supported either.

    If anyone has more information, please post it. This is a great little phone, and it would benefit from an external keyboard.
  3. gyrocfi

    gyrocfi New Member

    I bought a Hype HY-1022-mini Mini bluetooth keyboard. I havent been able to initially activate the application on line. My wifi connection is good but I continue to get a activation failed notice. I have made 2 calls to the help Ph# and have been put on a list for a return call. No Joy yet. Anyone have experience
    with this mini keyboard?

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