Bluetooth Media Auto-Switch

  1. FlawedLegacy

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    OK, I would absolutely LOVE for an app or whatever to be created to solve this for me... and would GLADLY PAY!

    Opening info: Samsung Captivate phone, Jabra BT8010 Bluetooth Stereo/Mono headset, NON Bluetooth car head unit [connects with 3.5mm audio cable via Aux port]

    Scenerio: I can listen to my music all day via A2DP Bluetooth headset just fine normally, but I want to use my phone for music in the car via Audio cable, as I have in the past. I want "Media" to go through music cable (which can be done by disabling "Media [Connected to media audio]" in the Bluetooth headset options and/or when playing music through default Music Player, under options "Via phone") but do not like having to switch back and forth manually. This is the ONLY time I use the 3.5mm jack is when I want music via car radio or dedicated headsets, so this would be sweet if it was an auto-switch: when 3.5mm cable is connected, Media goes throgh it and phone sounds/calls/etc continues through bluetooth (if connected).

    Can anyone help??

  2. jae_63

    jae_63 Well-Known Member

    I haven't tried "Tasker" personally, but the documentation shows that it supports a hardware event "Headset Plugged". This should enable you to achieve your goal.
  3. FlawedLegacy

    FlawedLegacy Member


    I looked into it... definitely has the possibilities, but no word if it does what I am looking for. Sent a message to the creator, will keep this updated, should anyone else be looking for the same.

    THANKS AGAIN jae_63!!!!!

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