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Bluetooth not working the same as before gingerbread update.Support

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  1. Robin Banks

    Robin Banks New Member

    I have a Samsung WEP479 headset that I use with my phone. Prior to the official samsung gingerbread update, it all worked fine. If my headset was on, and I answered a call the phone would switch to headset just fine. Also if I was on a call and my headset was off, if I turned the power on the headset, the phone would automatically switch over.

    Now it seems inconsistent. I can have the headset on and often it will not activate, sometimes while in the call, I will press the phone's headset button and it will pair, then sometimes it activates.

    My WIFI sleep mode is set to never.

  2. Qbguyedgar7

    Qbguyedgar7 New Member

    I have the same problem but in my car! I just got the galaxy 3 for Verizon and every time I step into my car, my phone connects but only the Media audio. Every time I want to use my cars Bluetooth I have to manually select call audio on my phone. I want to be able to step into my car and not have to worry about connecting my phone manually every single time!!! Note i had no problem whatsoever with my droid X b4. Someone help PLEASE!!!

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