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  1. krackhead

    krackhead Member

    Just finished copying a few files. Bluetooth works well. Very easy to set up in windows 7. The only thing you need to do is enable a certain setting on the phone for a couple minutes and provided you have a bluetooth card on your computer, you can transfer files. I didn't bother setting up USB since I have bluetooth. The other thing you can do is listen to music (and I think video works too) that is stored on the phone through computer speakers. (This is kind of awesome if you have a HDMI cable for your computer, but not for the phone.) I'm actually not sure if a HDMI cable is available for this phone that works, but in any case you don't need one if you have bluetooth and a hdmi card in your computer.

    I was disappointed to learn that flac files do not work on this phone as of yet. However, I did copy a blu ray rip mkv file and the video and sound play flawlessly. Works really well with a headset. MP3's also play really nice. No skipping.

  2. DocBlue

    DocBlue Well-Known Member

    then maybe you can assist me...

    I have installed the bluetooth adapter on my computer...
    I have enabled Bluetooth on phone and made it available...
    I have searched for devices from the computer and it kicks out a code.......
    I have added the code into the Motion and they attempt to connect and I get error installing driver on the pc, the phone shows with yellow icon in the show Bluetooth Devices screen.

    Thats where Im stuck at....Thanks!!
  3. krackhead

    krackhead Member

    operating system? I am assuming you are on a PC?
  4. DocBlue

    DocBlue Well-Known Member

    Win 7 Pro 64bit

    tried on 3 computers here and the old ladies laptop and the same thing happens each time. Its like Windows is looking for a device driver for the Motion. The only Driver I have installed is the LG usb driver.

    You say "enable a certain setting". Could I be overlooking something on the Motion?

    edit: well I was able to send a file to the Motion so I dunno why it still shows with the yellow triangle in Devices on the PC
  5. nekomi5a

    nekomi5a New Member

    i have a bluetooth headset and i can not get my phone to find it what should i do?
  6. trigger1074

    trigger1074 Well-Known Member

    make sure your Motion is in discovery mode. Under bluetooth settings under the "Make phone visible" It will stay on for 5 minutes. Then make sure your headsets in pairing mode (usually holding the button in for like 5 seconds)

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