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  1. SirDonzer

    SirDonzer New Member

    My bluetooth experiences:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 US version.
    An HP Bluetooth Mouse X4000b.
    A Logitech Tablet Keyboard.

    At first the Player was stock android 2.3.5.
    (As far as I know...I bought it off of Ebay.)
    The player easily discovers both mouse and keyboard.

    The mouse paired no problems. The little cursor appears and everything works. The keyboard would not pair. The little pairing window does NOT appear on the player. I would type something on the keyboard, and the player instantly returns: Wrong pass key.

    Both devices pair with my laptop using a Kensington bluetooth USB adapter. The little pairing window did appear. They both work great!

    I took the player/mouse/keyboard to Bestbuy (where I bought the mouse/keyboard), and talked to their Geek Squad people.

    After an hour of reboots/resets, multiple keyboards, headsets, TVs(!), the mouse was the only thing that worked with it. Everything else would not be discovered. They were baffled.

    I backed it up, and did a complete factory reset. Same results.

    Since then, I have successfully rooted my player. Backed it up with titanium backup. (cool app!) Still same results.

    Could I have a bad rom? (maybe installed by the previous owner?)

    Has anyone else encountered these sorts of problems? Is there an app that will help?

    Thanks for your time. Excellent forum.

  2. SirDonzer

    SirDonzer New Member

    Could there be an app to test the bluetooth on my device?

    Figure out what the problem is?

    Thanks for you time.

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