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Bluetooth pairing. What have you successfuly paired to?Support

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  1. wsettle

    wsettle Well-Known Member

    I'm interested if anyone has paired the rezound to a Chrysler MyGig radio yet?

    I've got a Jeep with a MyGig and hope it works well once I pick up my Rezound.

    I also thought it would be nice for folks to list the devices they have paired the Rezound with so we can get a feel for what is compatible. I've not found a thread about this yet (other than an ipad) so this might be useful to someone.

    If you so desire, please list your successful bluetooth pairing experiences here.

  2. Benrx

    Benrx Well-Known Member

    2010 Accord- paired with no issues
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  3. rustyhokie

    rustyhokie Active Member

    Moto T505
    Jaybird Freedom headphones
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  4. nelamvr6

    nelamvr6 Well-Known Member

    I have successfully paired with my VW.
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  5. BlueSnake01

    BlueSnake01 Well-Known Member

    Aftermarket car stereo. No issues whatsover.
  6. wsettle

    wsettle Well-Known Member

    I've got a 505 in my truck so that's awesome! I ordered my Rezound from Amazon today so I'll report something soon. Whoo Hoo!
  7. ToyotaTacoma

    ToyotaTacoma Well-Known Member

    OBD2 Reader so I could connect with the Torque App. Sync'd right up.
  8. ChiTownJim

    ChiTownJim Well-Known Member

    moto t505 and an obd2 adaptor at the same time . Worked perfectly
  9. superchaos

    superchaos Well-Known Member

    MOT T505 and the Blueant T1
  10. SamXp

    SamXp Well-Known Member

    I need to try mine out. I did pair up with my Subaru WRX head unit, though.
  11. kierandill

    kierandill Active Member

    Pioneer Avic head unit, no problems.
  12. mcan1xx

    mcan1xx Active Member

    Bose wireless speaker system from across my house.:cool:
  13. wsettle

    wsettle Well-Known Member

    I got my Rezound last night and am very impressed with it. So far I have paired it with:

    • MyGig radio in my Jeep - but folks I call tell me I sound really bad.
    • T505 in my truck
    • Visio tablet - it pairs fine but it does not use the Rezound's internet connection
    • MacBook Pro - it pairs fine but it does not use the Rezound's internet connection either

    Does anyone know how to set up a Mac to use the Rezound as my internet connection?

    I do have the hotspot option so I can legally tether to it. Hopefully, I'm just missing something and someone here can clue me in.

    Of course everything in my house that has WiFi can use it's hotspot feature but I'd really like to use blue tooth between the Mac and Resound for internet if possible.
  14. falcontrainer

    falcontrainer Member

    Paired to my curve to pull contacts over, worked great !! ;)
  15. terrynova

    terrynova New Member

    The only thing I have paired so far was the zeo mysleep headband. No issues.
  16. rcrowe

    rcrowe New Member

    Paired with a 2006 Audi A6 - seems to work well but I've not used it much yet. Got the phone-book to transfer and recent calls seem to be OK.
  17. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    Have successfully paired it to my hand:)

    Will take a surgeon to remove it:p
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  18. ShanDroyd

    ShanDroyd Well-Known Member

    paired with my Jawbone Era. also works great with the Jawbone app, even though durring install it says it does not support my device.
  19. DroidAV8R

    DroidAV8R Well-Known Member

    Paired mine with Panasonic DECT 6.0 Plus cordless phone system in house, plus multiple vehicles with zero issues.
  20. wsettle

    wsettle Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I just picked up a wireless Panasonic home phone that links to cell and it's works great!

    Which model Panasonic phone do you have?
  21. DroidAV8R

    DroidAV8R Well-Known Member

    I picked up the KX-TG7644 from Best Buy...I love everything about it! The BT link is a nice bonus that I wasn't even aware of until I got the phone home and set up. Now, I use it every day. The BT phone book transfer was a nice feature too...It saved me the time of transferring more than 200 phone numbers:eek:

    Which model did you get?
  22. wsettle

    wsettle Well-Known Member


    Mine is a KX-TG6581, two phone setup with a nice speaker phone base. I can't believe how well this thing works. Well worth the money.
  23. DroidAV8R

    DroidAV8R Well-Known Member

    Absolutely agreed! I think mine is similar to yours, just with 4 phones instead of 2. The hardest part was waiting 7 hours from set up to use. LOL.
  24. YY1334

    YY1334 Active Member

    Successfully paired to my 2012 Acura TSX, it was a little annoying but got it done. Said I sounded good.
  25. tehknics

    tehknics Active Member

    Mine paired no problem with a 2012 Sonata.
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