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Bluetooth pairing without PINSupport

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  1. PolarisKale

    PolarisKale New Member

    I'm a real estate agent and we use a dongle to convert the Bluetooth signal into an IR signal to open our lockboxes. The dongle has a single button on it. When I paired it with my HTC Evo and when I initially paired it with my new Samsung Galaxy S3, I followed the instructions and everything worked fine.

    The instructions are to go into Bluetooth settings, press the button on the dongle and then have the phone scan for devices. The phone should see the device and, upon tapping on the name of the device, ask for a pin. This is a set pin, such as 1234. The communication between the phone & the dongle stopped working, so I unpaired them. Now when I go to pair them, everything goes fine until I tap on the name of the dongle and it flashes instructions for me to enter a randomly-generated PIN into my device before saying the pairing failed. Obviously with one button and a set PIN, there is no way I can enter a PIN on my device. I've looked everywhere for a way to override the PIN auto generation and have come up empty handed. Right now I'm having to use my tablet to open lockboxes, which is VERY cumbersome.

    How do I set the phone to let me choose the PIN?

  2. parishmc

    parishmc Well-Known Member

    is there a way to reset the dongle and make it forget
    previous pairings ?
  3. PolarisKale

    PolarisKale New Member

    Not that I've found. I've paired it with my tablet and also far it seems to have no memory of any pairings. For lack of a better analogy, the dongle is slutty & doesn't care who it pairs with or when.

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