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  1. danielportela

    danielportela Member

    Hey Guys,

    Just bought a new Galaxy S2 Note, and also purchased a brand new Bluetooth Speakerphone with Caller ID by Nexxtech.

    And so I have spent the last 2 hours trying to get them to recognize each other and still no success. At first, the Galaxy Note 2 wouldn't even detect the speakerphone, however after a soft reset (powering off and removing battery for 30 seconds) and clearing data in the managing apps settings location for bluetooth and bluetooth testing app it started recognizing the device.

    However, I can't get over this next part. The Galaxy note recognizes the Nexxtech speakerphone, but when I click on it to pair, it gives me the following message: "unable to pair with Nexxtech 8004247. Incorrect PIN or password". However, at no point in time does it give me an option to put in the PIN or password! I have searched all over the bluetooth settings, and can't find a way to have my phone give me an option to put in the PIN.

    Anybody experience this and solve it?

    Appreciate the help!

  2. pat3332

    pat3332 Well-Known Member

    Sorry if you've already tried this, but the default code for most bluetooth devices that I've had is 0000.

    If that fails, have you contacted Nexxtech to ask them?

    Sorry, it's early and I just read your post again. You already said it doesn't give you the option to put in a code, so back to plan B, contact Nexxtech.

    My new Accord also does something like you're describing. When paired, the car and phone both display the same random number and just ask if they match, but it sounds like you're not even getting that.

    Good Luck and sorry about not reading close enough.
  3. whitecollar

    whitecollar Clericus Geekicus VIP Member

    And you have the 'visible' box checked? And perhaps change the time out to 'never time out'.
  4. lcneed

    lcneed Well-Known Member

    Are you sure that your bluetooth device is in "pairing" mode? Maybe it was not in pairing mode and when you click it on your phone, it was trying to connect to it instead of pairing it and failed.

    Try to follow these steps:

    1) put your bluetooth device in pairing mode
    2) On Note II, go to your bluetooth screen, and hit SCAN at the bottom
    3) When the device appears, click it and passcode screen should come up
    4) Enter passcode and you are done
  5. danielportela

    danielportela Member

    Hey Icneed,

    I do exactly this, hit scan, the Note II detects it, tries to pair the device (which is in pairing mode as well), but no passcode screen shows up. Only an error message.

    So the issue is having the passcode screen show up. Both devices are visible and active...
  6. danielportela

    danielportela Member

    Thanks whitecollar for the suggestion. The visible box is checked and never time out was also active.

    Still no go.
  7. danielportela

    danielportela Member

    Thanks for the suggestion Pat. I will give it some more time to see if any brilliant suggestion comes up in the forum. If not, will have to contact Nexxtech. Although, I do think the issue is with the Note II, not the speakerphone.
  8. lcneed

    lcneed Well-Known Member

    I see. You could try clearing the cache and data on the bluetooth share app and start over. Maybe somehow the setting went wrong when you first tried to pair the device it won't let you change it. To clear it, you can go to Application Manager, ALL tab, find bluetooth share and go in to clear all data and cache. After that you could try again.
  9. danielportela

    danielportela Member

    I have done this as well, even before I posted and still no password option. Not only did I clear the cache and data settings for the bluetooth, but also for the bluetooth test app. Still no passcode option.
  10. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    I really don't know anything about this particular bluetooth device, but I highly doubt the issue is with the Note 2 and is more-so with the particular device. I looked for a user manual on that model, but couldn't really find anything. I did find another Nexxtech bluetooth speaker, so I'm assuming the process for pairing would be the same:

    If this doesn't work, there has got to be a way to hard reset the bluetooth device (not your phone). The hard reset on the bluetooth device should eliminate any errors.
  11. jugglerbry

    jugglerbry Well-Known Member

    The speakerphone user guide should give you the pairing code. If it isn't 0000 try 1234 which is the default for my parrot.

    Problem I have is while they're paired I can't seem to get the note to auto cinect when someone calls me when im on the move.....
  12. ijasonhuang

    ijasonhuang New Member

    I met the same problem!
  13. Josepanic

    Josepanic New Member

    I had the same issue when trying to pair to my sync on 2012 ford focus. The auto generated code that the car would generate would not work when i input on phone and i would get said message. I whanged the password on the vehixle sync to 0000 and the phone connected right away. Strange. But when trying ti pair to BT game pad having same issue but it auto generates pass code and i cant change it grrrrrrr
  14. stridermt2k

    stridermt2k Well-Known Member

    I know this sounds trite, but have you tried powering down and re-starting your phone?
    I went through some BT pairing hassles today and after a power down restart it all worked fine.
  15. BigRedGonzo

    BigRedGonzo Well-Known Member

    Don't know if you have resolved your issue yet or not, but I have a suggestion. Try pairing with with a different device. If you have a friend with a smartphone, ask them to let you try to pair it with their device and see if it works. If it does, it should no longer recognize your phone and then you can try pairing it with your phone again. Can't hurt to try...

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