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  1. trukkakhan

    trukkakhan Member

    Hi all,
    Recently tried to use the bluetooth function - it turned on and found the other phone - but then asked for "password".
    The user guide mentions inputting password but what password is it refering to ?
    Thanks for any advice

  2. gregonandroid

    gregonandroid New Member

    I founf this confusing as well. Usually the password is simply 0000 (all zeroes) but the android wants a "real" password. Check the screen as you try on both phones, if I remember rightly it appears on the screen during the process. If I get a need to bluetooth with anyone I will provide better details.
  3. mathematic

    mathematic New Member

  4. halcarol

    halcarol New Member

    Also found it maddening trying to pair phone with computer and no place to enter passkey and lots of worthless answers. Finally on Win7 open the devises and printers file. On phone settings tap option to pair with computer- phone finds computer and asks you to enter passkey -OK OK but where? Answer- click add devise option on computer screen top left and the passkey displayed on phone appears on computer for you to confirm.

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