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Bluetooth phonebook sync to carSupport

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  1. Xanstin

    Xanstin New Member

    Well after a frustrating two weeks I figured out that the Bluetooth was sending to my civic the data from contact photos and filling up the cars memory. This would result in a random fraction of my contacts appearing in the car. I've since removed the google sync and have a stripped down phone contact list with no pictures and it syncs the whole phonebook flawlessly. Is there a way to filter what contacts the phone sends via Bluetooth to the car so that it omits my picture rich google contacts without having to disable google sync?

    I really love this phone in most respects save for this and the mms slideshow....

  2. davidmanvell

    davidmanvell Well-Known Member

    I am not sure if this will help at all. When in your contacts list on your phone you can press the menu key then select Contacts to display. in theory this will reduce the contact shown. You can use a small list then connect and see if it only transfers those. Not sure if it will work however.

    You could just create a second account with just the basic info for people and select just that one account to display. Then upload that.

    Lastly upgrade your stereo.
  3. Xanstin

    Xanstin New Member

    well my follow up question to that would be how do you stop it from auto merging the contacts when I create this list and then restart my contact sync with google?
  4. davidmanvell

    davidmanvell Well-Known Member

    Try this and see if this works. I don't know it will but give it a shot.

    Start with empty radio. Unpaired S3.

    Create second email address and just put the contact #s in it you want without photos and such.

    Turn off or hide the numbers from your main full email address.

    Pair your phone and upload your contacts to the stereo. It should only upload those smaller set of #s from the 2nd email account your created.

    Turn on or unhide your main email address and turn off or hide the 2nd one.

    The numbers you previously uploaded should still be in the stereo and your phone should still be paired.
  5. rollergirl952

    rollergirl952 New Member

    How the heck do I sync my contacts with my car?

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