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  1. janeriel

    janeriel New Member

    i need help my bluetooth on my samsung galaxy y is not working ?

  2. chaitanyak

    chaitanyak Well-Known Member

    what exactly the problem is can u plz tell

    but whatever i saw abt dis phone regarding bluetooth is it requires additional ticking i mean even after u on ur bluetooth it wont be detected by other phones u need to go to settings-wireless and network settings-bluetooth settings-discoverable[tick dis to see ur phone detected by other devices] well assuming itz detection prob which is common in dis phone i tried 2 solve dis but if it is another issue plz do mention ur problem
  3. hsoney

    hsoney New Member

    Hi, i am not able to transfer files between my laptop and phone. Please help

  4. spliffy

    spliffy Well-Known Member

    firstly, be sure your laptop(depends on hardware/software) or your phone is discoverable(settings->wireless->bluetooth->visible check).

    secondly, be sure to see if both of them are pairable(youll know this while doing the steps below), if pairing cant be done, restart phone or unplug-replug/restart bluetooth software on laptop.

    thirdly, what is your usual way of transferring files?
    sending files to laptop using your phone? or accessing phone using laptop?

    steps ive come up, phone to laptop using phone.
    OS win 7
    1. open filemanager and tap-hold on the file you want to share.
    2. click share->Bluetooth->scan devices
    3. let the phone scan for devices and tap on the name of your laptop/computer
    4. if not yet paired you will be prompted to enter a security code. be sure to check the laptop screen and just type "1" and then input "1" in the phone also (without the quotes). if pairing problem occurs try going back to top of my post.. :D
    5. the file is now being sent, be sure to check laptop if a message to accept a file is mentioned. click yes.
    6. find your file on the laptop's mydocuments->bluetooth->inbox or just click on the laptop's notification bubble if something popups.

    just tell us if you cant send using this method and ill try to make a tut for the laptop side on how to access phone's files.

    :) tell us if it works
  5. RNKarmaker

    RNKarmaker New Member


    I purchased the Samasung Galaxy Y phone a few days back.
    I could not access internet through bluetooth to my Laptop.
    Any one can suggest me ..:confused:
  6. spliffy

    spliffy Well-Known Member

    there is no way to get internet using just only bluetooth. (unless your familiar with reverse tethering, ask google)
  7. Rigeljamer0

    Rigeljamer0 New Member

    Hi, I just rooted my Galaxy Y then after a month my bluetooth doesnt work anymore can someone help me plz.
  8. junecomia

    junecomia New Member

    I got the same problem and finally got it resolved. At first I thought it was just a hardware problem because I always drop it, so I tried to ignored it since I rarely use my phone's bluetooth.

    I got my phone bluetooth working by flashing it. You can search on google on how to flash your phone
  9. androidtester3

    androidtester3 Active Member

    Download Kies !! then go to setting > application > enable unknown source . then same module go to developer and enable USB Debugging.

    Then Try !!
  10. androidtester3

    androidtester3 Active Member

    Check Bluetooth settings
    If still problem go to settings, look for

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