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bluetooth question new to droidsSupport

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  1. jefyabraham

    jefyabraham New Member

    Good morning,

    Never used a droid untill yesterday always been a blackberry person. Just got the new motorola flipside. We have an 08 ml350, got the bluetooth to pair after a few mins. Does anyone know how i can get the contact to download are maybe even manually put in a few? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    It will depend a bit on your car's BT system. Many of them seem to transfer the address book on pairing. My Nissan Rogue requires the transfer of entries one-by-one though I have yet to get this working with my Droid.
  3. Xfive

    Xfive New Member

    My wife and I are also new (as of today) to the Android. We paired her Flipside with her 08 Acura RDX this evening and had to enter the contact manually. If there was a contact sync feature, we missed it.

    Good luck with your new phone!

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