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bluetooth speakerphone not working after upgrade to 2.3.xSupport

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  1. tzachi dar

    tzachi dar Member


    I have updated my lg-optimus 540 gt to the 2.2.x or 2.3.x (from different distributions) but was not able to get the bluetooth speakerphone to work.

    The best I could get, is when I could hear it saying "speak now" and then I could speack and see the phone rings.

    But, I could not here what was going in the call.

    Has anyone seen anything like it?


  2. master-king

    master-king Active Member

    i have the same thing and its been long since ive been talking about this problem and nothing it did worked but suddenly doesnt work anymore and i really dont know what could had happened....
  3. mxpower

    mxpower New Member

    The only 2.3.x version that worked so far with bluetooth is Swiftdroid RC4 from mur4ik. The RC5 and "asis" do not work, also the pcfighter versions do not work with bluetooth hands free speaking.
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  4. tzachi dar

    tzachi dar Member

    Many thanks for your help.

    This indeed works.

    Special thanks for finding my queston after two months and still answering it.

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