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Bluetooth Streaming and WiFi ConflictGeneral

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  1. Starcruzer

    Starcruzer Guest

    The OE's WiFi cannot detect a signal while the BT is actively streaming a signal to a BT headset. If a WiFi connection is up, when BT stream starts (streaming music), the connection will most likely drop and the power hungry 3G becomes active. When the BT streaming stops, the Wifi finds 7 WiFi signals. Anyone else seen this anomaly?

    My guess there's an issue with the common antenna used by the WiFi, 3G, BT, GPS and cell radios. (Ok, I'm assuming that there's one antenna for all the radios, except NFC which is on the back cover).

    We have 5 OEs, all with the same WiFi/BT symptom. Plus, all 5 have the ubiquitous 3G battery drain. All were purchased at BB over a week ago. All are HW Ver: Rev.1.1 with the ZV5 SW update.

  2. louiedog

    louiedog Active Member

    I'm having this exact same issue. It only happens with my bluetooth headphones connected. I can use it to listen to audio for about 30 seconds before the connection dies and it will not resume until I disconnect the bluetooth. This works with streaming from the internet, so it's not just a time out, but actually downloading data for that 30 seconds. I've never had a problem using my plantronics headset to talk over wifi for an hour or more, just the headphones. The headphones work fine on other devices so it's most likely the elite.

    Has anyone else encountered it or seen a fix? A general google search shows other phones with the same problem, so maybe it's a driver issue?
  3. Starcruzer

    Starcruzer Guest

    I returned our Elites and waited for Black Friday/Cyber Monday to buy the Samsung Galaxy Reverb. The Reverb provides all day battery life while on 3G. I haven't seen the BT streaming/WiFi loss issue. The Elite could have been a great phone except for these two major design flaws.
  4. louiedog

    louiedog Active Member

    This is a real bummer for me, but not a huge issue. I only plan to use these around my home in places that are in range of my PC, and with Unified Remote which I already use I can control what I'm listening to that way. Hopefully Sprint allows my provider Ting to bring Sprint branded LTE devices on the network soon instead of just wimax, because I won a Motorola Photon Q in a contest this week.
  5. amaranthine

    amaranthine Well-Known Member

    I haven't run into the this problem with my Optimus Elite (White), same hardware revision and SW update. I have rooted and installed a custom ROM however.
  6. nappyred615

    nappyred615 New Member

    I do have the Bluetooth WI fi conflict while in music mode it stops every few seconds same when online like Pandora and YouTube
  7. amaranthine

    amaranthine Well-Known Member

    I went back to the stock ROM and I can confirm this issue on both a black and white OE that I tested. When Bluetooth is streaming, wi-fi doesn't work, and after a short period of time will drop the wi-fi signal to move back to 3G. When Bluetooth is active, but not streaming, the wi-fi signal will return. This happens with only with a Plantronics M50 headset, it doesn't happen with a pair of bluetooth headphones or a bluetooth receiver that I use. What's odd is that the behavior is limited to the headset, but not other Bluetooth devices.

    I will try some other custom ROMs and see if that solves the issue.

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