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Bluetooth Streaming Audio Issue GS4Support

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  1. BlazinBob

    BlazinBob Member

    Hi, Am having a strange problem streaming Google Play to the Bluetooth receivers in my 2 Jeeps. In the Wife's I connect to the standard Uconnect built into her stereo On mine, I bought a Bluegate Receiver from GoGroove, it had good ratings on Amazon and connect it to the Aux port on the front.

    The issue is the same in both, the phone seems to connect to both with no issues, both connections are brand new. I disabled call settings in the Bluetooth profile for both connections and just have it set for Media only.

    Finally the problem, the audio levels start off very low and sound quality is so so, then after a period of time the audio level jumps approx 2X and sounds great, then it seems to bounce back and forth periodically. The phone doesn't seem to be doing anything when this happens, no screen pops or msg disruptions etc, just seems to be random.

    Thoughts appreciated.

  2. BlazinBob

    BlazinBob Member

    Burp............I mean Bump!! Getting a lot of lookers, not so much on the try 'this' or 'that'.

    I'm good on trying on tin foil hats, whatever it takes, there has to be reason for this. If it was just one device I would discount it, but two separate devices, same problem kinda indicates something else, thanks.
  3. BlazinBob

    BlazinBob Member

    Ok, I may be on to something. It made no sense to me that I could listen on my headphones all day with no issues and yet 2 Car systems are having the same issue. I brought the Bluegate system in the house and set it up on a pair of portable speakers................Worked like a champ:hmmmm:

    Then it dawned on me I was streaming over my house wireless, so I turned Wi-Fi off and boom quality and audio level dropped right off immediately.

    So now I'm thinking maybe its the marvelous coverage that ATT provides and the quality level of Google Play adjusting to the throughput of my LTE or not signal. Guess I need to download some music to the phone and test it out.
  4. BlazinBob

    BlazinBob Member

    Resolution, this is either a Google Play issue or ATT, either way it has something to do with streaming music while driving that impacts the stream quality, even Pandora won't play correctly if I'm moving.

    When I played music downloaded to my phone it works like a champ.

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