Bluetooth to IR software for remote control

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  1. MobileES

    MobileES Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if there is software to convert Bluetooth to IR signals or vise-versa? It would be great to have an app to be able to use the Android phones as learning universal remotes. Would it be a hardware issue? I have an Sprint HTC Hero if it matters.

  2. RTAdams89

    RTAdams89 Well-Known Member

    You are asking if you can download some piece of software that will make the Bluetooth radio in your phone output IR signals? How exactly do you think that would work?
  3. MobileES

    MobileES Well-Known Member

  4. RTAdams89

    RTAdams89 Well-Known Member

    The phone, by itself (that is, without some additional piece of hardware) will never be able to send IR signals. IR is a wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum that is rather close to light, and is transmitted with a LED. Bluetooth is much higher on the electromagnetic spectrum and is transmitted with an antenna.

    Anyhow, you will need an adapter, probably like the ones oyu linked to above. I'm not aware of any that work with Android though...
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  5. JoeyJoeJo

    JoeyJoeJo Member

    There are apps that will let you control HTPC over wifi but you need to run an app on the pc to interpret signals.
    So not an all in one but might do some of the stuff you want...?
  6. Little Darwin

    Little Darwin Well-Known Member

    This is true, but a funny thought just hit me... If you could get software to overload the system and cause the phone to overheat or burn and generate infrared in just the right pattern it might work. It would however be an expensive one time use... :D

    And talk about expensive development... Each test would require a new phone.
  7. Little Darwin

    Little Darwin Well-Known Member

    I'll do a search, but does anyone kow the specifics for this in case I am unsuccessful (I am a woefully bad searcher)?
  8. JoeyJoeJo

    JoeyJoeJo Member

    I got "HTPC Remote" downloaded but haven't used it yet, also got "Gmote" and "RemoteDroid" on my list to try.

    If you try any, pass your thoughts on.
  9. MobileES

    MobileES Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the responses, I see now it would require more hardware and software then what is currently available. Much of this I have limited knowledge of which is the reason for my post. I know they make this software for the PPC phones, however those phones have an IR port.

    Pocket PC Remote Control Software - Pocket PC Central Software Center

    I'm trying to clone a car stereo remote which no longer manufactured, a friend has lent me his and it would be nice to be able to copy the codes/functions into the phone since its with me at all times. In this case I think I would be better off buying a learning universal remote.
  10. Little Darwin

    Little Darwin Well-Known Member

    I decided to try this one, and it does what I need:

    Bryce's Engineering Blog: Windows Media Center Remote for Android

    If you have Windows 7, check it out. It has a WMC Plugin, and an app on the Android. Still Beta, but seems pretty solid. I seem to recall that it does have a small fee in Market, but you can remove it within 24 hours and get your money back.
  11. MobileES

    MobileES Well-Known Member

  12. Blrfl

    Blrfl Well-Known Member

    Those apps use Universal Plug and Play, which operates across the network (wired or otherwise). IR requires hardware that Android phones don't have right now.

  13. pajamas

    pajamas New Member


    mobile, you are right. seven months after you asked your question such things do exist for iphones although they are a little pricey, but apparently not yet for android, but for sure later you will be able to buy hardware adapters that receive bluetooth signals and output IR to your system... but apparently not yet. iphone adapter example: Gear4's UnityRemote (reviewed recently on tekzilla), costs about $100. I bet in another six months, all things being equal, an android version of such a device will exist and will have clones mass produced in china, available for $20 on ebay.
  14. Novoken

    Novoken Well-Known Member

    I want this!!!
  15. elan123

    elan123 Member

  16. Pablo_

    Pablo_ New Member

    I made this as my final year project... Its a Android app that allows you to control your tv and sends the data (start bits, device address, command etc..) from the phone via Bluetooth to a Bluetooth to IR Converter. You can't convert Bluetooth to IR basically for the obvious reason of one is radio and the other is pulses of light but also because what IR protocol??? SIRC which is sony, RC5 which is philips, panasonic, Toshiba etc etc etc... IR protocols are not under any universal standard really so you need to know what you want to change the IR protocol to, and the device addresses, and the commands, and how long each bit is, and the carrier freq etc.... Each tv uses their own really (well the big brands for sure!!!) and getting info on their protocols is like trying to squeeze blood from a stone! Trust me, I KNOW!!!... but anyway I could be hear all day talking about it!!!

    Check out the video anyway and keep in mind, it was a project, not a product! :D

  17. KillSwitch007

    KillSwitch007 Member

    I bought a computer once that came with a remote and IR dongle. (windows media center usage).
    Is it possible to use this dongle with the headset jack of an android phone and develop an app that would use that dongle to transmit the correct "code" to change the traffic light?
    Just a thought.
    Good luck, and goddess bless.
  18. orange352

    orange352 New Member

    Hi I am new in this forum but I found some answers to this question
  19. orange352

    orange352 New Member

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  20. triovela

    triovela New Member

    Thanks for sharing. If they can make this look nicer I think I'll bite.
  21. dougal1957

    dougal1957 New Member

    You could try looking at TouchSquid Remote Tablet Although this looks like a piece of hardware (It is) they also do an Android App for which a demo is available in the Market (just search for Touchsquid).

    It is a really excellent App that is now starting to mature nicely (it is very new but developers are very receptive to ideas and suggestions and if they like the idea they usually have it implemented extremely quickly. (the best is same day and they have done just that for me in the past).

    HTH Doug
  22. john331

    john331 New Member

    I believe I have the answer for everybody. There was an application I was using back to Wince time. This application has been evolved. Yes now you can have a Bluetooth to infrared remote control and map all the remotes you have in your home in android environment. Additionally you can create voice commands for every function...Open Sesame.....www:)pdawin:)com/en/android

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