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  1. ionized

    ionized Member

    Hi all,

    I have a nicely rooted TU and today I just noticed that when I turn on Bluetooth, the phone decides to reboot from the Boot Animation forward, about every 30 seconds, until I am able to go into the settings and turn Bluetooth back off.

    As of two weeks ago Bluetooth worked fine (that is when I last used it.) I can't say when it stopped working between then and now, as I just have not had the need for using it in a while.

    Is anyone else getting this problem directly related to turning on Bluetooth? Very odd in my opinion for it to be doing this as, again, it worked fine a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I need to re-push the bluetooth system apps back onto the phone or something, not sure how to fix it so for now I will just have a phone without bluetooth until I figure out what to do.

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  2. ionized

    ionized Member

    I figured out the problem:

    While scrolling through the output of adb logcat, I noticed this line:
    D/AVRCP:MediaPlayerManager( 3548): Cannot bind Android Media Player on playback service: Service

    Then I remembered that the only change I have made to the phone since I last used Bluetooth, was that I installed PowerAMP. Well, since I was now using PowerAMP, I could use TI Backup Pro to 'freeze' the stock "Music" app that ships with android, since I would no longer be needing it, or so I thought. I mean, it is just the music app, harmless to freeze it.. until you try to turn on Bluetooth.

    Well, apparently Bluetooth hooks into the service for some unknown reason, and because I had frozen the stock "Music" app, Bluetooth would cause a soft restart after miserably failing to enable, all because it could not find

    The fix? Unfreezing the Music app. Bluetooth now works again.
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  3. kyarty

    kyarty New Member

    thanks man, i just ran into the same thing today and was stuck on what was the cause. reinstalled the stock music app and BT no longer reboots my Ultra.
  4. johnny13

    johnny13 New Member

    how did you reinstalled the stock music app? if you could tell me please
  5. abrahamramirez

    abrahamramirez Well-Known Member

    in titanium backup, they did a freeze of the app and not an actuall uninstall. bascially it stops the app from running or even appearing in system but there is still a backup, think of it like that, of it so they can unfreeze, restore, to use it again.

    what you did is a uninstall and if you didnt back it up you might be screwed.

    with the people that still have it on their phone, does anyone know a way to extract the tb backup so those who actually uninstalled it can restore your backup. i believe tb backups up to sdcard/titaniumbackup and their someone should find the files
  6. sr17091

    sr17091 Well-Known Member

    can anyone post the stock music apk for 2.3.4. i need it because i uninstalled it on accident and now this happens
  7. Slayer72

    Slayer72 Well-Known Member Developer

    I gotchu bro, I'll post it in a few minutes...

    EDIT: Here ya go... ;) Music.apk
  8. twistedgeminid

    twistedgeminid Well-Known Member

    Sweet thanks man. I had the same problem as well

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