Bluetooth won't turn on anymore

  1. i3ubble

    i3ubble Active Member

    Bluetooth used to turn on and off with no apparent problems but when I tried to send a file to another phone, it said "Sending.." but it failed. Was unable to send any kind of file by bluetooth after several tries, but received a file from the other phone no problem. That was yesterday. Now bluetooth won't turn on at all, the option greys out when I tick it like it's trying to connect, but after a few seconds it returns to normal and remains unticked.

    I've tried off and on again and installing bluetooth file manager. When I open and it says I need to turn bluetooth on, I say yes. It says "Please wait... Turning on Bluetooth..." until I cancel it.

    Other than a factory reset, does anyone have any suggestions?

    (T-mobile, if that makes any difference)

    Update: Another turn off and on again and it seems to let me turn bluetooth on, but won't send anything to other phones (my mum's Nokia 6700 and my Sony Ericsson C905), stating that I "can't connect with the target device because it lacks of the "Object Push Profile" (OBEX OPP) Bluetooth service.
    Make sure that the target device is in DISCOVERABLE mode and enabled to receive files!" (They are)


  2. i3ubble

    i3ubble Active Member

    Still no luck. I guess I'll have to try a restore. x
  3. ratbag

    ratbag New Member

    My Desire is the best phone I have ever had but for 1 thing I cannot bluetooth anything to my husbands blackberry 9700 it will pair but not connect I can receive though, this seems to be a reacurring problem reading the forum but are HTC going to fix it, it still don't put me off my phone but would be nice to have everything working the way I expected it to. Have tried downloading bluetooth file transfer but says his phone does not support obex and it do.
    Any answers or have I got to wait for HTC a little longer, I have 2.1 update

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