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Bluetooth wont turn on???

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  1. A-Pac

    A-Pac Active Member

    My bluetooth will not turn on. I hit "turn on bluetooth", it greys out & changes to "turning on bluetooth" for about 10 seconds or so. Then it does nothing but go back to "turn on bluetooth"
    (this happens both in settings and the control widget)

    Anyone else have this or know how to fix it?

    Ive removed my battery and that didnt help.

    Edit: I did a factory data reset, and that didnt even help immediately. But shortly after that it just started working. Id still like to know why or how it started working all of a sudden....who knows???

  2. A-Pac

    A-Pac Active Member

    Ugh, this is happening again. No matter what my bluetooth wont turn on. Can anyone out there help?
  3. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    Can you post a list of your installed apps? (you can use my app in sig to make the list, be sure to uncheck filter system apps)

    This could be a bad app listening for the bluetooth turning on and not handling it properly and making it crash.

    Otherwise I would suggest you should call HTC and send it it for a repair/refurb. HTC is great about that stuff though.

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