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  1. lovemynote2

    lovemynote2 New Member

    I cant find a bluetooth with caller id that works with my note 2 or any of my android phones any ideas?

  2. johnbowick

    johnbowick New Member

    The call quality is HORRIBLE with the DNA. On my end, it's very hard to understand the other party because the audio is very garbled. Almost as though it's over-modulated. I turned down the Bluetooth audio volume on the phone all the way , and boosted through the car stereo - no difference. Also, the people I'm talking to have said my quality has diminished since the new phone - they can instantly tell I'm "in the car" (whereas it wasn't as apparent with the X). They say there's a lot of background noise and that I'm garbled too. It doesn't matter if I'm calling a landline or another cell phone - same problem.

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