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Board Game Timer

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  1. vsaari

    vsaari Member

    Timer's seem to require very specific attributes to each purpose, and I have not yet found a board game timer anywhere.

    What I would need is a simple multiplayer timer that has the following main features:

    1) Supports 1-8 players
    This would work visually like, say Mega Man stage select screen with middle box as pause. Players could choose name and maybe a color for their box from like the 10-20 most common board game colors (green, red, black...).

    2) Total timer
    When a player's turn is activated, the timer will continue from where it was left off on that player's previous turn and continue until the next player is activated. Each player would have their own timer and this would count how much time each player used. This mode could also use the pause box as a total time counter and as a no-man's turn (like a phase when people are gathering resources and it isn't anyone's turn).

    3) Countdown timer
    When a player's turn is actitaved, the timer will start from a predetermined time and counting to zero (from few seconds to several minutes). When it reaches zero, a visual and auditive signal is given (screen's back flashes once white and it makes a beep). When the next player is activated, the clock is reset to the predetermined turn time.

    4) Countdown timer + save (optional)
    The same as before, but every time a player's turn ends before the timer goes to zero, the remaining time is saved and added to the total time of that player's next turn.

    The player's turns would be changed by just clicking that player's box. The active player's turn would continue until another player's turn is activated.

    And if it is possible, could this have proper tablet support?

  2. firewaterx

    firewaterx Member

    I registered on this site looking for app ideas...I like this one! I'm going to give this a shot, but can't guess how long it will take or how well it will turn out. I'm still learning! Either way, if I manage to pull it off, I will let you know so that you can try it.

    Wish me luck!
    vsaari likes this.
  3. vsaari

    vsaari Member

    How's the timer coming on?
  4. firewaterx

    firewaterx Member

    It is coming along pretty well...I should have something for you to test in the next couple days. Sorry it is taking so long, but I'm learning as I go!
  5. vsaari

    vsaari Member

    No pressure. Just wanted to know wether you were still working on it. Glad to hear you are making progress.
  6. NedortGames

    NedortGames Member

    Been working on this for you.
    Posted it on the google play store!
    Its called Board Game Timer and is by NedortGames.
    Hope you like =)
    Post here if I missed anything!
  7. vsaari

    vsaari Member

    Thank you for your app. Unfortunately it is missing the required timers, I can't change the amount of players and it crashed every time I tried to use it.
  8. vsaari

    vsaari Member

    This request seems to be abandoned now, so if there are any takers, please consider making this app.
  9. pngface

    pngface Member

    I will try take this app on. Could you please check your PMs?
  10. lasdogin

    lasdogin Member

    Wanna try this app out~~
  11. vsaari

    vsaari Member

    Now because there are two people interested in this, I will post the idea I had for the UI in here. All tweaks and visual upgrades are of course welcome.

    The menu, settings and end game buttons can be renamed anyway you wish. I just added those so the user would not have to rely on the standard android buttons, as the back button occasionally causes problems when jumping between apps.

    pngface likes this.
  12. pngface

    pngface Member

    I was just wondering, what board games need this kind of timer? (just so we can tailor the UI better)
  13. vsaari

    vsaari Member

    This timer is not just for any one game. This is for all games. There are two main reasons for a timer like this. First it can be used to keep track on how long a game took and how much time each player used. This is great for statistics. Second it can be used to speed up the game by forcing players to use only a certain amount of time per turn. This works in any game and is great for speeding up the play.
  14. Babelonian

    Babelonian New Member

    I can add this to my list. Might be a few days, though.
  15. vsaari

    vsaari Member

    Is anyone making this app anymore?
  16. androidrec

    androidrec Member

    Sent you a PM.
  17. eva lan

    eva lan New Member

    A PM from me too.
  18. SwantzyDev

    SwantzyDev New Member

    Has then been addressed yet? I would like to take on this project for my first App project.
  19. vsaari

    vsaari Member

    Just to clarify the situation with this app for those who are interested, here is what is going on.

    Many people have shown interest but only two people have done any real work (to my knowledge). NeoDort made one version of the app, which wasn't really what was asked for. androidrec has made a better version of the app of which I have already tested and it seemed to be nearly completed and perfect app.

    So at this point I would suggest others to not waste their time on this app, as androidrec seems to have it covered. If for some odd reason his app doesn't get completed, then I will ask again for help.
  20. SwantzyDev

    SwantzyDev New Member

    Hey vsaari,

    Thanks for the clarification! I am still going to try this out more as a learning experience than anything. I'm working on a functional design document at the moment and I'll post it when it's complete and before I start working on the app.

  21. SwantzyDev

    SwantzyDev New Member

    If possible,, I would love to take a look at this to get an idea of what you believe to be near perfect.

  22. digivance

    digivance Member

    Can't say that it will be "perfect" but I have created a small app pretty close to your mockups and requests. It will be available for free soon.
  23. androidrec

    androidrec Member

  24. digivance

    digivance Member

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