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Boaters Rejoice - Navionics Mobile Charts AvailableGeneral (Browse All)

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    INTREPID-NY Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    May 5, 2010
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    Works very well and it's the only offline nautical chart app. But it must be task killed after exiting or it leaves GPS on AND apparently active possibly draining battery. Remember, GPS On does not drain your battery. But in this case, the GPS appears to be left active (little GPS icon). The icon doesn't blink but stays displayed - this shouldn't happen. Otherwise, a great app for boaters. Navionics said they are working to fix the bug with the Incredible. In the meantime, after you've exited the app, just go to Menu, Settings, Applications, Manage Applications, click on USAEast (or USAWest) and click on "Force Stop". Well worth the extra 30 seconds of inconvenience.

    For More Info See: http://androidforums.com/tips-tricks-incredible/86973-navionics-mobile-out-nautical-charts.html


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