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  1. KC_Ryan

    KC_Ryan Member

    I've gotten some questions about the case I'm using so I thought I'd do a quick write-up on it.

    The Volt is a very nice phone but there isn't a big selection of accessories for it like cases, screen protectors (I'm looking at you, ZAGG), etc. So I was pretty excited to learn that Body Glove makes a case for this phone. I picked it up from Radio Shack for around $20. It's made from a flexible rubber material, is dark grey in color and has what they are calling a brushed nickle texture on the back. There's no hard plastic on the inside so hopefully that will reduce scratches.

    It's fairly thin so it doesn't add a lot of bulk to the phone and should provide some protection if dropped from a moderate height. The front edge is slightly raised so the screen doesn't touch the surface when you place it face down. There are openings for all the buttons and ports, and everything lines up well. I haven't noticed any shadows or glare from the opening around the camera lens and flash. I've attached some photos to give a better idea of how it fits the phone.

    Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the case. I know there are cheaper options on eBay and Amazon, however, I like the fact it's from a known manufacturer. For me, it provides the best combination of value, form and function. Anyway, hopefully this will be of some help for others looking for a case.


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  2. JDubTrey

    JDubTrey Active Member

    Before I saw your post the other day about this, I ordered one of these from amazon for $5:

    It's essentially an Otterbox Commuter. I'm pleased so far, though I have to say that the plastic part of the shell is a wee bit slick (I can see it sliding out of my hands one day).

    Kickstands are so underrated in my opinion!
  3. aguba

    aguba Well-Known Member

    The Body Glove looks pretty good. My only concern is that it might be thicker than the generic tpu case I'm using now. I'll probably go to a RadioShack to look at one up close.
  4. KC_Ryan

    KC_Ryan Member

    I work around a lot of sawdust and was seriously considering one of these as it has flaps to cover the headphone and charging ports: MPERO IMPACT XL Series Kickstand Case for LG Volt F90 LS740 - Black: Cell Phones & Accessories. I was concerned about the hard plastic inner piece and whether or not it would scratch the back and/or sides of the phone. I still might get one to use out in the shop.

    I agree that a kickstand would be handy.
  5. KC_Ryan

    KC_Ryan Member

    It probably is thicker, but the Volt is pretty thin to begin with so I don't think this adds much to the overall size. Definitely go check it out and let me know what you think after seeing it.
  6. Murf1

    Murf1 Well-Known Member

    I have a case just like that for my LG F3. You're right - it is slick. To fix that, I drilled ~ 3/16 in holes in the sides. I measured and spaced the holes equally - 3 on the short side and 4 on the long side. This allows for a better grip as your finger tips kinda sink in a little in the holes. I tried putting Plasti-dip on the sides, but unfortunately over a week it peeled off. So I had to go to the hole idea.
  7. JDubTrey

    JDubTrey Active Member

    Yeah, mine does not have a flap for the head jack so you might want to check out the one you posted.

    I will say that I have what appears to be the ZTE Awe version of that case for my Awe. The kickstand is very delicate and can come off rather easily (friends warned me about it so I haven't lost mine).
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  8. redicboy22

    redicboy22 New Member

    Is the case screen protector friendly
  9. KC_Ryan

    KC_Ryan Member

    Yes, it is. I currently have one of those tempered glass screen protectors installed and the case fits fine.
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  10. austin316

    austin316 Well-Known Member

    Radio Shack is going out of business and I stopped in there today. They had one of these cases left for 50% off. I snatched it up and its really nice.
    - all of the slots are lined up perfectly. Camera has no obstruction.
    - it is stiffer than those cheap silicone gel cases but slips on the same way.
    - the slits on the edges add grip and give it a cool simple design.
    - has a minimal lip on the edges so you can lay the phone face down.
    - the back has a small body glove logo that isn't intrusive and small enough you barely notice. A bevel indentation wraps around the back and adds a nice look so its not just flat.
    - it's gun metal grey and has some kind of anti bacteria agent added (never heard of that before).
    - it feels really solid/sturdy for a slip on case, no snapping pieces together, extremely easy to remove if you need to get to your micro SD or battery.
    - it's thin too. Adds virtually no bulk to your phone.

    You might want to check it if you have a Radio Shack near you thats going out of business. It's definitely worth the $10.
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  11. Tyler H

    Tyler H Well-Known Member

    I just got a 2nd case at RadioShack for $2, if you haven't gotten one already or want a spare, I would highly recommend going in and getting one ASAP if there is still one open near you.

    Where did you get it?
  12. KC_Ryan

    KC_Ryan Member

  13. Sept1967

    Sept1967 Well-Known Member

    Bought this case last Nov from this thread. Perfect case for this phone (as to me). Adds more grip, not much size. Still slides in my belt case - Timbuk2 3way medium.
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  14. Indio22

    Indio22 New Member

    I recently got the Volt phone for use with free RingPlus service, but the case selection is lacking. Searching for info on this BodyGlove case, you are the only person I could find providing decent photos of the case. I ended up ordering the case off Ebay for a reasonable price. Thanks for providing the write-up.
  15. redspeed

    redspeed Active Member

  16. Indio22

    Indio22 New Member

    That seems like a decent case you got - I will keep it in mind if the BodyGlove case doesn't work out. I got the BG case for $15 there was only one at the time for that price. Shipping is delayed according to USPS site, so I can't comment yet on the quality. I agree about the thinner style cases, while I have a thicker style rubber/clamshell case that provides considerable protection for my Windows phone, it does add weight and heft that can make the phone more cumbersome to carry around.

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