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  1. luv2skyski

    luv2skyski Member

    Anyone know of a simple organizer app to keep track of books that you've read?

    I used to have a group in my contacts called strangely "books" on my BB storm. In the notes section I could keep an unlimited amount of information. Now on my Fascinate the notes section is limited and unusable for my needs.

    Thanks, Dave.

  2. mc48

    mc48 Well-Known Member

    i haven't thought of looking for an app for my phone for that but have you signed up for it is a great way to keep track of books you have read/want to read/are reading and friend other book lovers and share reviews. I think you can link to your fb and other sites.

    Looking in the market just now I see "mybookdroid" for keeping track of your books. Can scan or enter by isbn. would be great if it could link to goodreads. I have downloaded it and will check it out some.

    edit: I have played around with the app mybookdroid a bit and entered a couple of books that I have read and that I previously entered into goodreads. the mybookdroid app looks pretty nice. Easy to scan or enter the isbn in order to add book. You can organize into different shelves of yoru choosing. There is an option to add quotes and notes and reviews. And although it isn't a direct app for goodreads, it can link to your goodreads account in your browser so that you can enter or read reviews, etc. You can also link to the book in amazon and B&N and google for other reviews or links to buy.
  3. wayrad

    wayrad Well-Known Member

    I use Book Catalogue to keep track of my books, and it allows books to be tagged and sorted as read/unread. It might be overkill for your needs - OTOH you could see if you've already read a book you're looking at in the bookstore just by scanning its barcode.
  4. mc48

    mc48 Well-Known Member

    now that I have played around wtih mybookdroid app, it looks like it might be awesome esp. if you have a account. The app gives the ability to authorize the app with your goodreads acct. and import all the books and shelfs from that acct to the app. You can even add books from your phone to your goodreads acct.
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  5. fsc

    fsc Active Member

    Since you mention a "simple" app, you might also want to look at some of the generic list-making apps like Astrid, et al. Some of them let you append more detailed notes to apps. I use a very simple app called OI Shopping List to keep track of books I want to get. When I'm in a bookstore I can call up that list rather than try to remember the name of that book I wanted to check out. OI doesn't let you attach notes but other apps do.
  6. luv2skyski

    luv2skyski Member

    Excellent...Thanks everyone. I'll take a look at those apps.

  7. joggy

    joggy Well-Known Member

    I second Goodreads. It's a great catalog site (multiple lists - read, to read, currently reading), excellent review site, terrific discovery site and great social site for readers.

    They also have a good thread going on in their forums and it's dedicated to android solutions:

    Goodreads Feedback - Android app (showing 1-50 of 142)

    My fav of the apps is Goodreads being developed by Casper (link to his app is in the above thread).

    The Goodreads mobile site is also very android friendly:

    Goodreads Mobile | see what your friends are reading
  8. luv2skyski

    luv2skyski Member

    You know...I used to keep a category in my Outlook contacts list called books. It was very simple to keep organized by author. In a specific authors contact under notes I had all there books where I would simply add a check and a number (5 point rating system) for books that I have read.

    Unfortunately, the Fascinates notes under contacts isn't large enough to accomplish this. This was the easiest way to keep them updated because every time I synced my Blackberry it updated the list whether I updated my phone or my contact using Outlook.

    Life just keeps getting more complicated.


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